Disney Illuminati Confirmed by Two Separate Stars

Credit: Disney

The idea of the Illuminati is a conspiracy theory that goes back almost 250 years to the creation of America as a country and has become a moniker for an elite class of citizens. The elite class is seen as much richer, more exclusive, and more secretive than the general public. Conspiracy theorists believe the secret society made up of these elites somehow runs the world behind the scenes.

It seems pretty far-fetched, but two familiar celebrities have confirmed the existence of a specifically Disney Illuminati by name.

disney illuminati members celebrities chris rock rebel wilson secret society conspiracy theorists elite

Credit: Disney

Until now, myths that Disney is somehow connected to the Illuminati were nothing more than conspiracy with no credible evidence. The original Illuminati stories refer to that elite secret society as supposedly controlling world events with influence over governmental organizations. These claims are baseless and have been widely debunked. However, in terms of the 21st century Illuminati of the Disney variety, control is not the main detail but rather access.

disney illuminati members celebrities chris rock rebel wilson secret society conspiracy theorists elite

Credit: Rebel Wilson/ Instagram

In a BuzzFeed interview with Rebel Wilson, the self-proclaimed Disney Adult flat-out admitted to being one of its members! BuzzFeed asked Rebel directly if she was in the Disney Illuminati, and the actress replied,

I’m in it. You’re not supposed to say you’re in it. You’re not supposed to reveal other celebrities who are in it, or other members, but yeah, I am in it, and we do secret cool sh*t together. Sometimes we go into Disneyland at 5 a.m. in the morning and just run around. I have a secret gathering this weekend at Palm Springs because Walt Disney used to go there to find inspiration.

Rebel even revealed that she took an illegal photo in a secret bathroom and got banned from Disneyland for 30 days because of it!

disney illuminati members celebrities chris rock rebel wilson secret society conspiracy theorists elite

Credit: Netflix

On his recent Netflix comedy special, comedian Chris Rock also referenced the Disney Illuminati by name. He made it clear that he loves taking his family to Disney Parks but by no means endures the same experience as regular Guests.

Rock said,

I used to take my daughters to Disney a lot, I used to take them to Disney all the time. But I ain’t take them like normal people. No, we went on the Illuminati package! We wasn’t waiting in line to meet the characters like everybody else. No, we’re backstage chilling with the characters.

Rock went on to claim special explicit knowledge about the characters’ secret actions backstage.

disney illuminati members celebrities chris rock rebel wilson secret society conspiracy theorists elite

Credit:Ken Lund/ Flickr

Both of these celebrities are known for their wild humor, but isn’t there a bit of truth in every joke? Have you ever been inside Disney’s private, members-only club, Club 33?

Club 33 was originally created as a space for Walt Disney to entertain VIP (Illuminati??) Guests and business partners. The club’s name refers to its original address, which is 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. Club 33 offers exclusive fine dining, a lounge, and other perks, like park access during certain hours when the park is closed to the general public. It is considered a prestigious and highly coveted membership…

…Just saying.

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