Disney Houses We Wish We Could Live In!

Disneyland Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
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Forget HGTV, Disney movies are full of houses we wish we could live in! Come on, don’t act like you haven’t experienced some home envy when chilling out with a Disney classic, there are some awesome houses in Disney movies. We unpack our favorite Disney film homes in this article and engage in some major real estate envy.¬†

Linguini’s Parisian Apartment,¬†Ratatouille

Credit: Disney

True, it’s not a whole house, but Linguini’s tiny Parisian apartment in¬†Ratatouille¬†is an envy-worthy abode because of the spectacular view.¬†¬†The clumsy and kind Linguini introduced Remy to the apartment on his first night with a humble, “It’s not much, but it’s uh…ya know…not much” then the music swells as we see the stunning view of the Eiffel Tower and the moonlit streets of Paris.¬†

Yes, the apartment is the size of a walk-in closet, the wallpaper looks tattered, the couch/makeshift bed has seen better days and Remy doesn’t have much of a kitchen to practice cooking in – but it’s Paris! Having a place to call your own in this city, regardless of how small it is- is a big win. I’d never pass up a home with a view of the Eiffel Tower, plus you’d be a short ride away from Disneyland Paris!

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17 Cherry Tree Lane Home, Mary Poppins

Credit: Disney

17 Cherry Tree Lane was chock full of style and charm from the moment the 1964 classic¬†Mary Poppins¬†premiered. The film is all about a rambunctious pair of children and the magical nanny, Mary Poppins. But the magic we’re discussing today is the magic of the Banks family home. The white home is situated along a beautiful London street and exudes the style of the Victorian era.¬†

We first catch a glimpse of the foyer when a disheveled Katie Nana hands in her resignation after another rowdy outing with the Banks children. Inside we see marble floors, dark wood finishes plus carpeted stirs, potted plants, and art that reflects the style of the time. The upscale parlor with its intricate wallpaper, beautiful fireplace (whose chimney Mary’s friend Bert is hired to sweep), and antique furniture speak to the family’s status.¬†

The nursey is a haven for the Banks children, decorated with delicate floral wallpaper, trimmed in white with ample space for the massive dollhouse, toys and children’s beds. This is a sizeable London home as evidenced by the fact that the Banks family presumably has several live-in staff with rooms like Mary Poppins.¬†

Although there is not a walk-through of the Banks home we can visit, EPCOT guests can enjoy a Cherry Tree Lane vibe in the gardens behind The Tea Caddy shop in the United Kingdom Pavilion in World Showcase.

Gracey Manor, The Haunted Mansion

Credit: Disney

Am I crazy for adding The Haunted Mansion to this list? Likely, yes. But the gothic architecture, dozens of rooms, grand ballroom, glass solarium and stately library are just too good to pass up! This 2003 Disney film dove into the backstory of The Haunted Mansion owned by the Gracey Family.

The film gave us a more substantive look at rooms that we could only glimpse or imagine after riding The Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom. The heavy red velvet and dark wood across the mansion convey a feeling of long-ago luxury alongside the air of foreboding. Finally having the chance to see inside the bedrooms for a few of the scenes satisfied my curiosity after years of enjoying the Park attraction. However, the library is by far my favorite room in the film.

This elegantly designed gothic room complete with massive desk and double-stacked landings of books is the stuff of my dreams- not nightmares. A red velvet sofa occupies the center of the room with nearby trinkets and gadgets displayed on shelves and tables. 

We see the marble busts of the “greatest ghostwriters the literary world has ever known” on the second landing. We can’t wait to ride The¬†Haunted Mansion¬†on our next¬†Walt¬†Disney¬†World¬†or Disneyland vacation!

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Jenny Foxworth’s House on the Upper East Side of¬†New York¬†City,¬†Oliver and Company

Credit: Disney

Like they say, location is everything! Oliver is one blessed kitten, not only was he living in luxury, he was also living in one of the fanciest neighborhoods in New York City. Jenny lived on 5th¬†Avenue in “good company” with some of the wealthiest neighbors in the city.¬†

Inside we see updated d√©cor, a lovely kitchen (complete with engraved custom dog and cat dishes), and a spacious dining room. Jenny’s room is every little girl’s dream room, complete with white furniture, plenty of toys, and a beautiful four-poster bed topped with a canopy.¬†

The room to end all rooms, of course, belongs to none other than that fancy and sassy show dog, Georgette. This poodle has a plush bed atop a platform, a heart-shaped makeup mirror, her own balcony, television, and even a wall-sized portrait of herself on display alongside dog show trophies and ribbons. 

Toad Hall, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Credit: Disney

Mr. Toad is one of my all-time favorite¬†Disney characters¬†and man, does he have an awesome home setup at Toad Hall. Located along the river in England, we see Toad Hall in the opening scenes of¬†The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.¬†This stunning classically designed mansion is explained to viewers as “the finest on the river” and we learn that the whole community is proud to live nearby such a lovely home.¬†

The inside of Toad Hall is equally stunning with antique suits of armor lining the red-carpeted halls, massive gold hoop overhead lighting, and grand rooms. Even Toad’s bed-chamber seems to be a plush room where no design or decorating expense has been spared.

My favorite room in Toad Hall is easily the great room, where we watch the scuffle for the missing deed ensue. The size of the space and the dapper portrait of Toad mounted on the oak scaffolded wall are notable features of the space. The second-floor overlook in the great room is beautiful and gives us Haunted Mansion Ballroom vibes. 

Top it off with the fact that this mansion has not only a secret entrance by way of boat in the canal under the home but also a hidden bookcase entrance to the home?! We are sold!

You can’t visit Toad Hall at Walt Disney World Resort, but lucky for you, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is located in Fantasyland at Disneyland Resort!

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Golden Oak Ranch, The Parent Trap (1961)

Credit: Disney

Golden Oak Ranch, in Caramel Valley, California is the setting in which twins Susan and Sharon wrap up their scheme to get their divorced parents back together. I have always been a huge fan of the 1961 live-action Disney film, The Parent Trap, and Mitch’s Golden Oak Ranch ties with Toad Hall for the Disney film home I would most like to move in.¬†

The most enchanting aspect of Mitch’s home is the open villa-like feel of the house. Build in a southwestern style, a terracotta tile roof, open porches that overlook the ranch property, and plenty of unique 1960s decorating flairs make this home a unique one.¬†

Viewers get a good look at the entire home throughout the film yet the openness of the most prominent family rooms like the kitchen, living room courtyard and veranda somehow look totally different depending on the angles they are shot from. 

The home shows evidence of Mitch’s excellent taste and wealth, while somehow still seeming like a modern 1960s home that reflects the flavor of the countryside.¬†

The home was clearly built with a design concept meant to bring the outside, in, as walkways to upstairs bedrooms in the middle of the house run through an open courtyard. Don’t even get me started about the awesome retro wishing well in the center of the courtyard that the home is built around. This Disney home easily takes the prize as the home I would most like to move in!

Is your coveted film home on this list?

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