See Haunted Mansion In a Whole New Way — With The Lights On During an Evacuation!

Credit: (Left) Disney / (Right) Danielle's Favorite Things

When vacationing at a Disney Parks, it is always important to remember that there may be some unexpected things that could happen. Restaurants could run out of a certain dish, it could rain, rides could run out of Lightning Lane reservations, and there could be unexpected attraction breakdowns. Disney does their best to stay on top of maintenance, but things happen. Hopefully, the breakdown will only last for a little while and things can get on their way quickly, but sometimes the breakdown is extended and Guests need to be evacuated off as repairs are made.

Credit: Disney

Recently, Instagrammer Danielle (@daniellesfandomfavs) visited Disneyland Resort and decided to ride the popular attraction, The Haunted Mansion. While she was on it, the ride stopped unexpectedly and, after a while, Guests were told that they would need to be evacuated. The lights were turned on and Danielle was able to see the creepy haunted house in a way that many visitors do not.

Credit: Disney

She shared a video of the evacuation on her Instagram page, and it sure is something fun and interesting to see!

EVACUATED off Haunted Mansion!
This is one of the coolest things to happen to me at Disneyland! It’s not everyday you get evacuated off a ride (I was evacuated off Big Thunder 10 years ago) and this one was eye opening!
The emergency exit path was even decorated like the Mansion, with flowers and a coat rack. Watch Ashley @disneyplannerbabe and Melissa @mixinsomemagic ring the bell at the end!

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As you can see, Danielle got to go through almost half of the ride and experience classic scenes close up and see details that we may miss because of how dark the ride typically is. 

Credit: Disney

Whenever you are on a Disney attraction, and it breaks down, it is important to always stay in your vehicle. Cast Members will keep you updated on what is going on with the ride and if an evacuation is necessary. When it is, a Cast Member will come to your vehicle, let you out, and tell you to follow them, or the group in front of you. Listening to everything the Cast Members say and following their directions is incredibly critical in order to keep everyone safe.

Have you ever been evacuated off of a ride while at Disney?

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