Guest Issues Warning About Deceptive Disney Parking Cast Members

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Disneyland Resort in California is usually an unforgettable experience filled with nostalgia and happy memories. However, one guest warns other visitors to watch out for deceptive Disneyland parking staff at the vacation destination.

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Disney Parking Lot Woes

In a Reddit post on the Disneyland subreddit titled “Be aware of the parking staff,” a user shared a concerning experience during their visit to the theme park for the Christmas events.

It is important to note that the account is an accusation, not a verified statement. Nevertheless, the guest recounted an encounter with Disneyland parking employees that led to an unexpected parking ticket and subsequent frustrations.

According to the Reddit post, the user and their friend, driving an oversized vehicle, were directed by a parking attendant at the Toy Story parking lot to park in the designated oversized area.

Facing a full lot, another attendant allegedly suggested the handicap section, assuring the guests that “everything should be fine,” even though they lacked the necessary handicap placard or plate. Trusting the advice, the guests assumed the lot was under private management and monitored by Disney staff.

The day at the park was described as amazing, with memorable experiences and friendly cast members. However, upon returning to the parking lot, the guests discovered a ticket from the Anaheim Police Department for unauthorized parking in the disability section.

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Mislead by Disney Staff

Though willing to accept accountability, the guests expressed discomfort as they had followed the instructions provided by a parking attendant.

After contacting security, the guests contacted a manager who attempted to involve the parking lot manager. Allegedly, the parking lot manager disclaimed any responsibility over the radio, asserting that the guests should not have parked in the handicapped section without the proper credentials.

The guests argued that they had relied on the guidance of parking attendants and had no way of knowing the specific parking regulations.

In their Reddit post, the guest issued a cautionary warning to fellow users, emphasizing the potential consequences of trusting the advice of parking attendants. Despite efforts to contact corporate, the guests felt dismissed, and contesting the $300 ticket with the Anaheim PD proved challenging.

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Disneyland Parking Problems

In a subsequent update within the Reddit thread, the user disclosed that the park’s attendants, custodial staff, and security were outsourced and contracted companies. They intended to inform the contracting company about the incident, advocating for improved staff training to prevent visitors from inadvertently violating ADA parking laws.

Be aware of the parking staff
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Disneyland parking has dealt with a lot of issues lately, including several reported suicides. While the theme park has started addressing these concerns, this accusation is new.

If anything, this story should remind people to leave handicapped spots open for those who need them and take the extra time to ensure such Disney parking situations do not occur.

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks guest experience. No two guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Disney Dining’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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  1. Unless something has seriously changed, and I doubt it has, Disney doesn’t outsource security or parking. Everyone is a castmember.

  2. They absolutely do not outsource the positions listed. This person made it clear they are full of it!

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