Disney Fans Disappointed as EPCOT Security Ends Live Performance

Spaceship Earth at EPCOT
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Guests at Disney World’s EPCOT theme park were disappointed after security stopped a live performance at the popular Chinese Pavilion in the World Showcase section of the park.

epcot's world showcase lagoon

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EPCOT Entertainment

EPCOT’s World Showcase is a kaleidoscope of cultural experiences, where each pavilion offers a unique blend of entertainment, cuisine, and architecture from countries around the globe.

Strolling through the showcase, visitors are immersed in a symphony of sights and sounds, from the lively Mariachi Cobre in Mexico to the rhythmic beats of the Matsuriza drummers in Japan.

Elsewhere around the World Showcase, the American Adventure Pavilion hosts the iconic Voices of Liberty, a cappella group, and the United Kingdom Pavilion features the rhythmic sounds of the British Revolution rock band.

The Italy Pavilion’s diverse performances and the Norway Pavilion’s heartwarming storytelling contribute to the rich tapestry of entertainment options. Whether it’s a captivating performance, a delightful street act, or a cultural demonstration, EPCOT’s World Showcase ensures that every park corner is alive with the spirit of global celebration.

world showcase

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EPCOT’s Chinse Pavilion

One standout pavilion is the Chinese Pavilion, where guests can explore China’s rich history and artistry. The area used to host a Chinese yo-yo show where professional yo-yoers stunned guests with their talent. However, the experience never returned after the COVID-19 pandemic shut the park down for several months.

Nevertheless, Disney has made way for new experiences and offerings at the Chinese Pavilion. The section of the park still captivates with its breathtaking architecture, serene gardens, and intricate reflections of its mirrored exhibits. Cultural presentations, such as traditional Chinese acrobatics or musical performances, continue to enchant audiences, showcasing the nation’s vibrant heritage.

China Pavilion

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Spyros Bros. Visit Disney World

Recently, the popular Filipino dance duo Spyros Bros traveled to Walt Disney World in Florida to experience everything the destination offered.

The Spyros Bros have been featured on reality television shows like America’s Got Talent for their unique set of skills – mainly Diablo shows. Diablo shows are intricately captivating Chinese yo-yo performances utilizing colorful objects and choreography.

The duo noticed that the Chinese yo-yo performers were no longer found in the park. Furthermore, when questioning the Chinese Pavilion merchandise cast members, they discovered that you could no longer purchase a Chinese yo-yo inside EPCOT.

Spyros Bros

Credit: NBC

Security Stops Unauthorized EPCOT Entertainment Performance

Fueled by this disappointing news, Spyros Bros. launched an impromptu Diablo performance for EPCOT guests in the Chinese Pavilion. In a video uploaded to the duo’s YouTube, guests swarmed around the performance and cheered happily at the fun.

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However, it didn’t take long for Disney to stop the spontaneous treat. A security guard entered the space and told the Spyros Bros. they couldn’t perform there.

The duo used their YouTube platform to lament the loss of live entertainment offerings at Disney World. They also criticized the company for ending their performance.

However, we must stress that Disney’s security has strict protocols and rules for such situations. While the performance was all in good fun, having guests perform inside the park who are not Disney employees could cause many liability problems and issues. Unauthorized events are not allowed on the property.

Do you agree that Disney World has recently dropped the ball on its EPCOT entertainment live performance offerings? Were you a lucky guest who got to witness the Chinese Pavilion’s original yo-yo show? Let us know in the comments below!

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