‘Haunted Mansion’ Release Date Pushed Back Months

Haunted Mansion Disneyland
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The Walt Disney Company has always been known for its incredible slate of both animated and live-action films. From classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Bambi to hits like High School Musical and Enchanted. In recent years, Disney has made a big push to make some of its most famous animated films into live-action remakes. While Disney started with princess hits like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, they are now working on unique choices like Lilo & Stitch and The Aristocats.

Beauty and the Beast

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Disney doesn‚Äôt only find success with live-action films based on animated films. They have also had massive success with films based on popular theme park attractions. One of their biggest hit franchises is¬†Pirates of the Caribbean, starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Kiera Knightly. Disney attempted to make another live-action film based on a ride, The Haunted Mansion,¬†in 2003 — the same year the first¬†Pirates¬†film came out — but that movie, which starred Eddie Murphy, was a massive box-office flop.

Eddie Murphy Haunted Mansion

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The Haunted Mansion continues to be one of Disney’s most popular attractions at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, so Disney is giving a live-action film another go. This version of The Haunted Mansion will star Rosario Dawson, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, Lakeith Stanfield, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Tiffany Haddish. The film was set to be released on March 10, 2023, but we are now learning that Disney has pushed the release date back by months. The new film will be released in theaters on August 11, 2023.

Haunted Mansion Disneyland

Credit: D23

The move may seem surprising to some, but Disney appears to have so much confidence in the film that they are putting it in a spot typically reserved for big summer hits. When it is released, The Haunted Mansion will go up against the horror film Last Voyage of Demeter, Grand Turismo, and the Zendaya-led film Challengers.

According to Disney, this version of The Haunted Mansion will tell the story of single mother Gabbie, played by Dawson, who moves to New Orleans with her young son. They purchase a mansion that is not exactly what it seems. Owen Wilson will play a priest, Danny DeVito will play a college professor, Jared Leto will appear as the iconic Hatbox Ghost, and Jamie Lee Curtis will play Madame Leota. The film will be directed by Justin Simien.

Again, The Haunted Mansion will now premiere in theaters on August 11, 2023.

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