This Disney “King Killer” Could Be CEO Bob Iger’s Replacement

Bob Iger and Mickey Mouse

November 20, 2022, will be a day long remembered by the Disney fandom. Reports fluttered in and shattered the evening news as it was reported Disney CEO Bob Chapek was removed from The Walt Disney Company.

With Chapek out, Disney needed a leader quickly… and Bob Iger, the former Disney CEO titan, agreed to return to his post.

Bob Chapek Bob Iger Don't Say Gay
Bob Chapek (left) / Bob Iger (right) – Credit: Disney

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While Iger has had his hands full, attempting to clean up the various missteps taken by Chapek, Iger has been quick to remove Chapek’s executive staff following and dig into what he believes is the true diagnosis of Disney’s downfall.

With Iger’s arrival, fans and Cast Members have seemingly had a sense of optimism as they hope for Mr. Iger to step in and better than Disney Park experience.

Even though we know Iger was able to run successfully as Disney CEO for 15 years from 2005 to 2020, this new contract has Iger’s second term contracting him through December 31, 2024.

Bob Iger in front of Cinderella Castle
Bob Iger

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With two years to go, it is expected that Iger and The Walt Disney Company will begin looking for a CEO replacement. This time… Disney needs to get it right.

According to the latest reports, some believe the new Disney CEO could be the current chief financial officer, Christine McCarthy:

“With the unexpected return of Bob Iger last month for a new stint as Disney CEO, the entertainment giant’s veteran chief financial officer Christine McCarthy has emerged as a leading contender to take over the top job.”

Christine McCarthy
Christine McCarthy (Images Credit: Disney)

McCarthy was not a Disney fan favorite under the Chapek umbrella. Most notably, McCarthy was scolded for her “shrinkflation” claims when she was recorded saying that portion sizes were smaller at Disney and that Disney Guests could stand to eat fewer calories.

Additionally, McCarthy’s financial results as CFO haven’t been extremely positive. Of course, the possible reasoning could be she was under Chapek’s rule. That said, is Disney ready for a financial officer to perform in a position such as CEO?

McCarthy is the Disney executive that has been given the recognition and credit as leading the force against Bob Chapek’s removal, stating that Chapek “irrevocably lost the room.” With McCarthy leading the battle against Chapek, she is deemed a “King Killer” as she helped to get Chapek fired.

Christine McCarthy (Credit: Disney)

This news of McCarthy rising up as a “King Killer” was a surprise to many as McCarthy and Chapek worked hand in hand for The Walt Disney Company, showing support for one another. McCarthy was also often seen publicly agreeing with Chapek. Nonetheless, McCarthy, one of the highest-ranking women in the entertainment industry, reportedly threatened to resign if Chapek wasn’t removed.

If McCarthy were to be given the keys to The Walt Disney Company when Iger steps down at the end of 2024, she would be the first female CEO in Disney’s almost 100-year existence.

Could the current CFO be the future CEO? Only time will tell. As always, we will be sure to keep Disney Dining readers updated as we learn more about the future Disney CEO.

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