Guests Lose Their Minds, Rush Bob Iger During a Visit to Disney on Saturday Night


Guests went crazy on Saturday when they recognized newly-installed Bob Iger visiting a Disney Park.

During a visit to Disneyland on Saturday, Disney CEO Bob Iger, accompanied by his wife, Willow Bay, and The Walt Disney Company’s Vice President of Parks, Experiences, and Products, Josh D’Amaro, was rushed by Guests who instantly recognized the celebrity CEO at the parks.

NexStar Media’s Scott Gustin tweeted about the visit to the California parks on Saturday: “Disney CEO Bob Iger and Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro visited Disneyland today.”

Saturdays are busy days at U. S. Disney Parks, especially when it’s a Saturday in December. But Iger, D’Amaro, and Iger’s wife can easily be seen in photos (photo credit: @jaysquivel).

The newly-reinstated Disney CEO, his wife, and Josh D’Amaro were reportedly at the Disney Park to enjoy the Candlelight Processional. Scott Gustin tweeted, “Both Iger and D’Amaro are at Disneyland for the Candlelight Processional, an annual tradition at the resort that dates back to the days of Walt Disney. Walt started the event in 1958 as a community appreciation event.”

Guests in the park who recognized Bob Iger were understandably thrilled and over-excited to see him at the park on Saturday. In at least one of Gustin’s videos, Guests can be heard cheering for Iger. There was even an abundance of “I love yous” cast toward Iger, as one user on Twitter said that they were a bit much.

Disney’s board made the shockwave-inducing announcement on Sunday, November 20, that they had removed CEO Bob Chapek from his post at the company and reinstated veteran CEO Bob Iger–a move they hope will ultimately right the ship at Disney.

But in those Guests’ defense, we think we’d be gushing (and fangirling) a bit too!

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