Disney Abandoned This Fan-Favorite Merchandise Too Soon

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One of the best ways a fan of the Walt Disney Company can express their love for everything magical is by collecting pieces of Disney merchandise. Guests can buy an exclusive souvenir at any theme park, have merchandise options online, and can visit brick-and-mortar stores all over the country, but can no longer buy one discontinued item that brought many people much joy.

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Tsum Tsums are a popular line of merchandise and collectibles created by Disney, whose name originates from the Japanese word “tsumu,” meaning “to stack.” Tsum Tsum toys are designed to be stackable plush characters based on various Disney franchises, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Marvel, Star Wars, and more.

These cute and adorable plush toys used to come in different sizes and were designed in a cylindrical shape. While the plush toys were a hit, the line also includes keychains, backpacks, clothing, home décor, and mobile games. Disney fans worldwide love them for their charming and collectible nature, especially when stacking them to create unique and colorful displays.

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The reign of the Tsum Tsum only lives on in Japan, unfortunately experiencing a short stay on American Disney property. The adorable plushes not only delighted children—but adult Disney Guests as well.

On Reddit, one Disney fan guessed that Disney “saw [Tsum Tsums] as a fad and just didn’t want to continue them despite the popularity.” Big companies are known for axing fan-favorite offerings if they think they can make more money with something else. Another Disney fan agreed. They suggested that Disney would endlessly pump out Star Wars toys, even if they ended up sitting on a shelf, if the company thought it might turn a more significant profit.

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Unbeknownst to adoring fans, Tsum Tsum collectibles ended up being limited edition in the United States. So, if you were one of the ones lucky enough to score some, count your blessings! Sadly, it doesn’t look like the Walt Disney Company has plans to bring them back to the US market anytime soon.

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