Woody and Bo Peep Lightsaber Duel at Disney Park

bo peep woody toy story disneyland lightsaber duel tiktok
Credit: @SergiosDadJokes/ TikTok

Over the Toy Story franchise‘s four films, Sheriff Woody and Bo Peep have a developing love story, basically running away together in the fourth film. It turns out that even though they may be totally toy couple goals, they are still bound to fight here and there. In this TikTok video, Woody and Bo Peep venture outside the world of Pixar’s Toy Story and into another Disney universe: Star Wars.

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Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

Our Toy Story heroine proves she’s no longer Little Bo Peep as she instigates a duel with her cowboy companion as soon as the video starts. Somehow Bo Peep has gotten her hands on a lightsaber, or well, a light-up directional wand used by Cast Members resembling a mini-toy lightsaber. She dances around with it at first but quickly realizes the power in her hands and directs it toward Woody.

Woody doesn’t seem to get it at first as he fumbles with the wand. Bo Peep crosses her green lightsaber with his to give him a better idea, but he ends up just switching the light off. Settling for this, Bo Peep assumes a fighting stance with her glowing lightsaber overhead while Woody stands with his dark.

bo peep woody toy story disneyland lightsaber duel tiktok

Credit: @SergiosDadJokes/ TikTok

Then out of nowhere, Woody’s true intentions are revealed – he hasn’t been switching off his wand. He’s turned it into a red lightsaber! Woody is on the dark side?? They duel, but it is short-lived. Both Woody and Bo Peep submit to giggles after a short conflict and presumably return their lightsabers to Cast Members. The whole video is dubbed with Star Wars audio and lightsaber sound effects.

Here’s the video posted by @sergiosdadjokes on TikTok!


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If there’s one thing this interaction between Woody and Bo Peep can teach us, it’s that toys definitely know how to play! Maybe lightsabers are just their new favorite toy

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