Your $50 Dining Plan for EPCOT

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Next in this series on vacation budget dining, we will head over to my favorite park, EPCOT. From Sunshine Seasons at The Land in Future World to the new Space 220 Restaurant, and the tried and true favorite Spice Road Table in the Morocco Pavilion in World Showcase, there is a myriad of dining opportunities in this Park. Not to mention, the seasonal festivals in this Park that offer out-of-this-world dining opportunities during the International Flower and Garden Festival, the International Festival of the Arts, The International Festival of the Holidays, and the International Food & Wine Festival.


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Making a plan for Disney dining is a great way to reign in your budget while still enjoying some delicious restaurants and snacks while on vacation. Let’s see if we can do EPCOT for $50 a day! For those of you that are new here, we’re throwing it way back to Rachael Ray’s 2002 television show $40 A Day.

In this series, pre-Food Network Rachael Ray journeyed around the United States and the world, with the goal of budgeting her dining dollars and enjoying delicious meals. Like the show title suggests, Ray went on gastronomic tours of cities for $40 a day allocated for dining. Viewers enjoyed watching her have a taste of the culture in the city she was visiting while striving to maintain a budget. 


If you’ve read other parks covered in this series, you know the drill: save money by skipping breakfast in the Park and enjoying coffee and breakfast in your Resort hotel room.

An easy and portable breakfast of fruit or a breakfast bar in your Resort room with a cup of complementary Joffrey’s coffee courtesy of your in-room coffee maker is my breakfast recommendation. Eating breakfast in your Resort hotel room each day as well as skipping the quick service dining cost will add up quickly to budget savings. Not to mention, enjoying an in-room breakfast buys you some valuable time in the morning, allowing you to sleep a bit later instead of factoring in additional time to eat outside at a quick-service restaurant at your Resort or in the Parks. This little budget sacrifice can go a long way to putting cash back into your pocket.

Cream of Brie Cheese Galette – Morning Snack

Crepes A Emporter by La Creperie de Paris, France Pavilion, EPCOT World Showcase

After a visit to the excellent new attraction, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in the France Pavilion, we recommend you stop by a new crĂȘpe restaurant to enjoy a taste of the Brittany region of France right in World Showcase. Located in the France Pavilion, CrĂȘpes A Emporter by La CrĂȘperie de Paris boasts a stunning menu of galettes (savory crĂȘpes) or sweet crĂȘpes.

This eatery also offers soft-serve ice cream and a selection of hard ciders, sparkling wines, and other delicious French wines on the menu. Obviously, all crĂȘpes pair well with a nice sparkling wine. However, in the interest of protecting our budget, we are going to opt for only a savory crĂȘpe during our visit to this restaurant and skip the bubbles for today.


Credit: Disney

You can’t go wrong with a menu filled with delicacies like cheese and ham galettes, butter and sugar crĂȘpes, house-made hazelnut and chocolate spread crĂȘpes or the red berries crĂȘpes. Today we are opting for the cream of brie cheese galette.

This savory crĂȘpe rings in at only $9.95, and it’s full of all the melted buttery, cheesy goodness that we love, situated between warm, thin layers of crĂȘpe. After you have snagged your galette, enjoy it in the restaurant or take it to go and sit on the edge of the fountain in the French pavilion to nosh on your morning snack.


Shrimp Udon – Katsura Grill, Japan Pavilion, EPCOT World Showcase

Highlighting the best meal options in EPCOT is very difficult because there are so many delicious, diverse, and frankly unmissable items to eat and drink in this Park. However, in an effort to highlight the best dishes on a budget, we suggest the Shrimp Udon at Katsura Grill in the Japan pavilion in World Showcase for lunch. Katsura Grill is one of the best places to enjoy sushi and other Japanese delicacies at Walt Disney World.

Shrimp Tempura at Katsura Grill

Credit: Disney

Any noodle fan will love the thick yet soft udon noodles swimming in a rich broth accompanied by crunchy tempura shrimp and garnished with fresh, crunchy green parsley. At only $13.00 this shrimp udon is my go-to for a satisfying, savory meal in World Showcase. Add in the ambiance of Katsura Grill, and it’s a win-win. Sushi fans can get their fix at this restaurant. Enjoy a spicy roll with delicious tuna and salmon for $10, a classic California Roll for the same price, or a vegetable roll for only $9. 

Exterior of Katsura Grill

Credit: Disney Dining

If you aren’t interested in sushi and noodles, Katsura grill offers Japanese entrĂ©es like teriyaki prepared meats and vegetables with a side of steamed rice. Our favorite entrĂ©e is by far the Chicken and Beef Teriyaki Plate, served with grilled vegetables and steamed rice. The indoor area of the restaurant is perfect to relax in during the winter months, and the adjoining courtyard in the back of the restaurant is delightful on a spring or summer day.

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Jumbo Turkey Leg – Afternoon Snack

Fife and Drum Tavern, America Pavilion, EPCOT World Showcase

Jumbo turkey legs are among the iconic foods popular at Walt Disney World. So it stands to reason, that we are recommending you purchase a jumbo turkey leg from Fife and Drum Tavern in the American pavilion for your afternoon snack. Talk about a substantial snack, this jumbo turkey leg is nothing short of delicious. You’ll be able to smell it long before you see it, as the smoked aroma wafts out across the pavilion.

Turkey Leg


At $13.25, this snack is not a cheap one, but a delicious and iconic eat that you will enjoy. Set aside some time to enjoy the American Adventure show before or after stopping for a snack break. We love to kick back on the benches near the gift shop in the American Pavilion or break from the heat and people-watch.

Other delicious options on the Fife and Drum Tavern menu include a Mickey Pretzel served with cheese sauce for $7.50, a hot dog with chips for $9.50, or delicious buttery popcorn for $5.50. 


Empanadas Con Queso – La Cantina de San Angel, Mexico Pavilion, EPCOT World Showcase

Let’s finish our day in the Mexico pavilion. La Cantina de San Angel is a quick-service eatery that offers delicious Mexican food alongside the water with a beautiful view of World Showcase Future World and of course Spaceship Earth as you overlook World Showcase Lagoon. You’ll find an excellent menu with classics like guacamole and tortilla chips, nachos, and an assortment of tacos at this quick-service restaurant.


Credit: Disney Dining

For Guests looking to share a meal, nachos at $14.25 are an excellent option. This entrĂ©e consists of tortilla chips topped with creamy white nacho cheese, covered in ground beef and beans, and scattered with tomatoes and jalapeños with a healthy dollop of sour cream. If you’d like to add guacamole, it’s only two extra dollars. The taco trio for $14.99 is another option that includes beef, chicken, and shrimp tacos on homemade corn tortillas served with a side of rice and white beans and queso fresco.

Empanadas con queso

Credit: TripAdvisor

However, our choice on this for this budget challenge is empanadas con queso for $13.75. This entrĂ©e consists of fried flour tortillas filled with cheese, topped with sour cream, salsa verde, and queso fresco. As if it couldn’t get any better, this divine cheesy entrĂ©e is served with rice black beans, and you guessed it- even more cheese Queso Fresco. Needless to say, as a cheese lover, this is the dinner of my dreams.

We met our goal of sticking to a $50 a day dining budget in EPCOT.

Morning Snack – Cream of Brie Cheese Galette $9.95

Lunch – Shrimp Udon $13.00

Afternoon Snack – Jumbo Turkey Leg $13.25

Dinner – Empanadas Con Queso $13.75

Total: $49.95

We came in right under our budget at $49.95 total for lunch, dinner, and two snacks during a day in EPCOT. Your wallet is smiling – we did Disney for $50 a day! Don’t miss our other articles outlining $50 a day budget plans for Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs.

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