Think you can’t dine on $50 a day in Hollywood Studios? Think again!

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Sticking to a budget while on vacation is an important part of enjoying your trip, and understanding where your vacation dollars are going. Making a plan for Disney dining is a great way to reign in your budget while still enjoying some delicious restaurants and snacks while on vacation. We have already explored the Magic Kingdom for just $50 A Day.


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Next in the series $50 A Day, we are going to take on Hollywood Studios. If you are new here: we are throwing it way back to Rachael Ray’s 2002 television show, $40 A Day. In this series, early-Food Network Rachael Ray journeyed around the United States and the world, with the goal of budgeting her dining dollars and enjoying delicious meals. Like the show title suggests, Ray went on gastronomic tours of cities on $40 a day allocated for dining.  Viewers enjoyed watching her have a taste of the culture in the city she was visiting, while striving to maintain a budget.

We’ve decided to go Rachael Ray in this series $50 a day (because inflation guys) and explore dining possibilities in the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney Springs, and Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. Sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some incredible food on your Disney vacation.

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If you’ve read other articles in this series, you know the drill: save money by skipping breakfast in the park and enjoying coffee and breakfast in your resort hotel room.Save cash by eating an easy and portable breakfast like a banana or a breakfast bar in your resort room and enjoying that complimentary Joffrey’s Coffee courtesy of your in room coffee maker.

For Guests driving to Walt Disney World, stock up on breakfast items on your way to the most magical place on earth. For Guests flying to Walt Disney World, consider utilizing a resort grocery delivery service to save money on snacks, breakfast and beverages during your vacation. Particularly if you are traveling with a family, eating breakfast in your Walt Disney World Resort room each day, as well as skipping the quick service beverage cost by bringing your own water bottle or soft drinks into the park will add up quickly. This little budget sacrifice can go a long way in helping you stick to your daily budget.

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Morning Snack: Funnel Cake with Powdered Sugar Morning Snack

Epic Eats, Echo Lake

In between attraction hopping in Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge you may get a little hungry. Enjoy a mid-morning snack near Hollywood Studios Echo Lake at Epic Eats snack stand. This stand offers a delicious array of funnel cakes, soft serve ice cream, and beverages.


Credit: Disney

The glimmer and shimmer funnel cake, coming in at $8.49 is a crowd favorite. This funnel cake is topped with cookies and cream soft serve vanilla ice cream and golden cookies and sprinkles. If you’re looking for a fruity option, there is also a funnel cake with strawberry topping and soft serve vanilla ice cream. For this snack are going to opt for a classic a golden fried funnel cake dusted with powdered sugar for only $6.79. This funnel cake is sure to start your day off on a sweet note and give you all the energy you need to hit Slinky Dog Dash, check into the Hollywood Tower Hotel, or join forces with Indiana Jones.

Lunch: Smoked Turkey Sandwich and Raspberry Lunchbox Tart

Woody’s Lunch Box, Toy Story Land

Exterior of Woody's Lunch Box

Credit: Disney

There have been some pretty intense discussions among Disney nerds as to whether Toy Story Land or Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is the better addition to Hollywood Studios. While I have a hard time choosing and don’t want to weigh in on my opinions here, I will say that I believe Toy Story Land wins the contest when it comes to food. If you’re feeling hungry around lunchtime, head over to Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land to enjoy a meal fit for a toy! This adorable dining experience leaves Guests sitting amongst Baby Bell Cheese, popsicle sticks, Woody’s Roundup themed thermoses and other lunch box food packaging.

This menu offers plenty of crowd favorites, Tachos are a guest favorite on the Woody’s Lunch Box menu. This entree consists of potato barrels coated with beef and bean chili, shredded cheese and queso sprinkled with diced tomatoes served over corn chips and dolloped with sour cream and a dash of green onions. At only $9.99 this is a unique delicious and hearty lunch item that is totally unique to this quick service eatery.

Another favorite is the grilled three cheese sandwich. This crusty grilled sourdough bread sandwich combines gooey melted provolone, cheddar, and American cheeses that will please any Guest. Still, our choice on this lunch challenge is the smoked turkey sandwich served on sunflower multigrain bread. Thick sliced smoked turkey breast is piled on top crusty bread with lettuce, tomato and a Diojonaise rich spread on this sandwich. This entree comes in at $10.49.

You cannot visit Woody’s Lunch Box and skip dessert, there are so many adorable daily lunchbox tarts available that you will probably find it difficult to choose just one. The lemon blueberry lunchbox tart is a bright and fruity option for those willing to walk on the adventurous side. The chocolate lovers will fawn over the chocolate hazelnut lunchbox tart which consists of hazelnut stuffed pastry, topped with a maple fondant and candied bacon on top.


Credit: Disney

Peanut butter fans should consider the banana peanut butter fudge lunchbox tart this tart is stuffed with, you guessed it, peanut butter and chocolate fudge topped with banana fondant, banana chips and scattered with rainbow sprinkles. Our favorite dessert and the tart we recommend is the raspberry lunchbox tart. At only $4.29 this raspberry marmalade stuffed pastry is topped with a strawberry fondant and scattered with crispy delicious pearls. All the lunch box tarts have a gourmet Pop-Tart feel and are too cute and delicious to skip.

Afternoon Snack: Bavarian Pretzel

BaseLine Tap House, Grand Avenue

If you are looking for a hearty afternoon snack, drop by BaseLine Tap House on Hollywood Studio’s Grand Avenue. A short walk from Star Tours- The Adventure Continues and Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano, this eatery is famous for its brews but also serves up small plates and some specialty nonalcoholic drinks for guests to enjoy. There are excellent craft beers to consider but because this article focuses on food will only cover some of the small plate options that you should consider for an afternoon snack.


Credit: Disney

If you’re looking for an affordable small bite, the spiced almonds is a good choice and only $6.25. These house made sweet and spicy almonds will give a kick to your afternoon. Charcuterie lovers will be excited to see the California cheese and charcuterie plate available for only $10. Grapes toasted baguettes, salami, Sonoma goat cheese, blue cheese and several other delectable bites fill this delicious board.

Still, our choice for a snack from BaseLine Taphouse is hands-down the Bavarian pretzel. Pretzels tend to rank among favorite theme park foods, so why not enjoy one during your afternoon at Hollywood Studios for $9.00? This savory pretzel comes with a beer cheese fondue dipping cup and spicy mustard dipping sauce guaranteed to take this snack to the next level.

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Dinner: Caesar Salad with Chicken

Catalina Eddie’s, Sunset Boulevard

If you are looking for a hearty but fresh dinner with no further than Catalina Eddie’s on Sunset Boulevard. Located a short walk from the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge and Legends of Hollywood gift shop you’ll find this delicious quick service restaurant. There are excellent pizza options at Catalina Eddie’s. A pepperoni pizza is served with a Caesar side salad for only $10.99. Cheese pizza is available served with a Caesar side salad for $10.49.


Credit: Disney

Our dinner pick is hands-down the Caesar Salad with Chicken. This fresh salad has hearts of romaine lettuce tossed with croutons, parmesan cheese, creamy and delicious Caesar dressing scattered with chunky herb marinated chicken breast. For only $11.29 this entrée is filling and delicious and makes for a healthier theme park meal. To make this dinner even more delicious, we recommend ordering a side of breadsticks served steaming hot with savory marinara sauce for only $4.99.

Let’s see if we met our goal of sticking to a $50 a day dining budget in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Morning Snack-Funnel Cake with Powdered Sugar $6.79

Lunch– Smoked Turkey Sandwich and Raspberry Lunchbox Tart $14.78

Afternoon Snack Bavarian Pretzel- $9.00

Dinner – Caesar Salad with Chicken and Breadsticks $16.28

Total: $46.85

We came in right under our budget at $46.85 total for lunch, dinner and two snacks during a day in the Hollywood Studios. Your wallet is smiling- we did Disney for $50 a day! Don’t miss our other articles outlining $50 a day budget plans for Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and of course Disney Springs.

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