CNBC Anchor Calls Bob Chapek Negative Nickname on Live Television

Bob Chapek
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Since he took over as CEO of The Walt Disney Company in 2020, things have been far from easy for Bob Chapek. Less than one month into his tenure, all Disney theme parks were forced to shut down because of the pandemic. Disney was also forced to pause production on all of its films and television shows. Then came Chapek’s public spat with Marvel star Scarlett Johansson, when the actress filed a lawsuit against Disney for breach of contract.

Then, earlier this year, Chapek spoke out against Florida’s controversial Parental Rights in Education bill — a move that angered some because it came at all, and angered others who felt it came too late.

Bob Chapek

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In addition to a number of public fumbles, Chapek is frequently seen as a CEO who cuts costs and raises prices. A recent poll saw a high number of “Disney enthusiasts” say that Disney has lost its magic. Guests are also frequently sharing their disappointment with Disney when it comes to increasingly shrinking food portions, along with rides that need work and are being ignored.

Disney is also constantly being called out by fans and former Cast Members for its low pay and the fact that a lot of Cast Members are considered “food insecure” — meaning they don’t always know where their next meal will come from.

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Reports have shown that Chapek does not like being thought of as a “cost-cutter”, but the image has stuck. Chapek recently sat down for an interview with the CNBC program Squawk on the Street, and the news anchor accidentally introduced him by a not-so-nice nickname that he has — “Bob Paycheck”. The anchor quickly noticed his error and corrected his mistake.

Disney CEO “Bob Paycheck” lollllll

In the clip, you can hear the anchor say:

Couple of huge interviews this hour. Disney’s Chief, Bob Paycheck, Chapek…”

“Bob Paycheck” is just one of the nicknames that Chapek has earned over the years. Disney fans who are not happy with Chapek also refer to him as “Bob CHEAPek”, “Bob Beancounter”, and “Rob Paycheck”.

Even though Chapek is less-than-popular with Disney fans, he seems to be well-liked by Disney’s Board of Directors. The Board has stood behind Chapek for things like his controversial firing of executive Peter Rice and recently extended Chapek’s contract by 3 years.

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