Blogger Visits All 12 Disney Parks in 3 Days

Lindsay Nemeth, Guinness World Record Holder eating ice cream in front of various Disney Park castles
Credit: Disney / Amble & Pearl

Visiting every single Disney theme park on Earth? We’ve all thought about it. But one woman did it in just over three days. Who is she? Why’d she do it? And how did she do it?

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The woman is Lindsay Nemeth, a Disney super fan and travel blogger from Toronto.

Lindsay Nemeth at Disneyland California Adventure Park eating ice cream

Credit: Amble & Pearl


She got an idea after learning about a previous Guinness World Record concerning individuals making it to five continents in a single day. As a travel blogger, she brainstormed a travel-based record she could try and tackle. And her answer was…visit every Disneyland (and sister parks) around the globe.

disneyland resort entrance to disneyland park

Credit: Disney Parks

She came up with the goal of visiting all 12 Disney theme parks in under 80 hours after learning about a man named Christopher Wing, who in 2016 had visited all Disney theme Parks in less than 59 hours. Of course, Shanghai Disneyland wasn’t open then, so Lindsay had to add some time to account for the extra Resort.

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Lindsay had built a very aggressive itinerary and a strict set of rules she had to follow as she toured the world of Disneylands…and Disney World.

walt disney world magic kingdom florida cinderella castle

Credit: Disney

She took months to prepare and began her journey by flying to Los Angeles with only her backpack. Along with her, she brought a GPS device to track her travels, her phone to take video and photo evidence, a laptop to back everything up, blank witness statements (for park Guests or Cast Members to sign confirming she was there), and a small number of personal items.

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Disneyland Resort

She began her journey in Disneyland Resort at the park opening. She rode the Mad Tea Party (she required herself to ride at least one ride at every park) and then headed across the way to Disney California Adventure Park.

Lindsay Nemeth eating ice cream at Disney California Adventure Park

Credit: Amble & Pearl

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Walt Disney World Resort

At 6 p.m. that night, she boarded a plane for Orlando to tackle the biggest white whale of them all, Walt Disney World Resort. After her red-eye flight, she landed in Orlando at 6:30 a.m. and headed straight for the Magic Kingdom (which opened at 8 a.m.). Within 45 minutes of walking through the gate, she snagged her ride, captured her photos and got her witness statements. A quick monorail ride later, she was at EPCOT, paid a visit to Spaceship Earth, and then headed to Hollywood Studios.

Lindsay Nemeth at EPCOT on left, at Hollywood Studios on right

Credit: Amble & Pearl

Using a Fastpass (this was pre-Genie+ and Lightning Lanes), she scored a spot on the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and then hightailed it over to Animal Kingdom, where she took advantage of the Single Rider line for Expedition Everest.

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Lindsay then had to return to Orlando Airport for a 2 p.m. Paris-bound flight.

Disneyland Paris

disneyland Paris castle fireworks mickey mouse head water

Credit: Disneyland Paris

When she arrived in Paris at 7:35 a.m., she rushed to Disneyland Paris. Oddly enough, she had an issue finding many people who spoke English and even fewer who understood why she was asking them to sign a witness statement. After lucking out by the park’s Haunted Mansion (Phantom Manor), she raced across the way to the Walt Disney Studios Park, where she caught a ride on Ratatouille: The Adventure, and where Cast Members signed as witnesses.

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Shanghai Disney Resort

Lindsay Nemeth on Airplane

Credit: Amble & Pearl

Next was a 13-hour flight to Shanghai Disneyland. Once there, she hopped on Tron but encountered language barrier issues again. Similar to Paris, when Lindsay found someone who could understand English, there was still the hurdle of asking them to sign a legal-looking document. But once she got what she needed, she returned to the airport and took a short flight to Hong Kong. According to her travel blog, at this point, she had been awake for 50 hours without showering.

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Hong Kong Disney Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland Welcome Sign with Characters

Credit: Disney

Strangely enough, at Hong Kong Disneyland, she found fellow park Guests who spoke English and were willing to be her written witnesses.

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Tokyo Disney Resort

When she finally arrived in Tokyo Disneyland, she was met with a massive crowd lining up to enter the park… which wasn’t even opening for another two hours. Again in Japan, she faced issues finding someone who spoke English and was willing to sign her statements – she eventually had to find an upper-management Cast Member who understood.

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After her last ride, she could finally stop her clock at 75 hours and 6 minutes – or in other words – 3 days, 3 hours, and six minutes.

Stop clock at Disneyland Tokyo and Image of Lindsay's Award

Credit: Amble & Pearl

According to her travel blog, Lindsay stated, “I had set what I believe to be an unbeatable record.”

Sounds like a challenge.

Are you up for it?

minnie mouse and mickey mouse broke up disney

Credit: Disney

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