Big News Revealed About PIXAR’s Upcoming ‘Inside Out 2’

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The sequel to PIXAR’s 2015 blockbuster Inside Out will debut in theaters next summer, but fans will get a sneak peek in November.

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Inside Out 2': Everything to Know About the Pixar Sequel

Credit: PIXAR Animation Studios

When news first began to trickle down about PIXAR’s release of a sequel to one of its highest-grossing films of all time, fans were thrilled–but utterly surprised. Outside of the Toy Story films and The Incredibles 2 in 2019, PIXAR has largely avoided the idea of sequels in its storytelling, and the studio has never entertained the concept of live-action remakes. (What a relief! Now, if only Disney could get on board with that idea.)

The story of Inside Out was born in 2009, six years before the film debuted, from the imaginative mind of director Pete Docter, who observed his own daughter as she began to grow up and attempt to navigate the challenges associated with adolescence. The film ultimately took more than five years to produce and cost the studio over $175 million to make, as significant changes were made to the storyline and the characters.

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But the team’s efforts were rewarded. Of PIXAR’s 27 animated feature films, Inside Out is the sixth-highest-grossing, earning nearly $859 million. No wonder PIXAR entertained and made good on the idea of a sequel, at least to this film. The film’s success also inspired Pete Docter to co-write and direct PIXAR’s Soul, but not in the way fans might think.

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Joe Gardner in PIXAR’s “Soul” (2020)/Credit: PIXAR Animation Studios

While we still don’t have loads of details about Inside Out 2, we do know that one of the original characters will not return for the sequel, and PIXAR has said the film is scheduled for a theatrical release on June 14, 2024. But this week, we also learned that a trailer for the film will be released in November.

Though it’s not clear how PIXAR will release the trailer–whether it will stand alone as a sneak peek at the upcoming PIXAR sequel or be one of the film previews associated with Walt Disney Animation’s box office debut of Wish, set to debut on November 22. Either way, PIXAR and Inside Out fans will be happy to get a taste of Inside Out 2, even if the preview happens to be a teaser trailer only.

Inside Out 2 (2024): Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot - Parade

“Inside Out” (2015)/Credit: PIXAR Animation Studios

For now, fans will have to use their imaginations (and emotions) to dream up all that the new animated film might entail, as at the current time, PIXAR has only said that the second installment follows Riley into her teenage years as she faces new emotions.

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