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8 Walt Disney World Attractions We’d Be OK With Closing

I always fear these articles for the backlash…Let’s get this out there: I LOVE these attractions. I don’t necessarily want them to go away, but of all the Walt Disney World attractions, these are the few that I would be okay with if they had to close. 1. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin I love the representation of Aladdin in ...

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What Would Disney Characters Bring For Thanksgiving Dinner?

It is a season to be grateful – and to eat! We always have Thanksgiving plans finalized way in advance, but have you ever wondered what the Disney characters would bring to Thanksgiving dinner? This is what I imagine:    1. Chip and Dale – Shelled Nuts A huge part of Thanksgiving is the snacking that comes before the meal ...

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Who Would the Disney Characters Dress Up As For Halloween?

The big question on every kid’s (or kid at heart’s) mind when fall rolls around is: “What should I be for Halloween?” I think the Disney characters have this dilemma too. There are so many Disney dress-up opportunities that it’s hard to narrow them down! These are just some of my imaginings for All Hallow’s Eve: 1. Lilo and Stitch ...

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Touring Plan for Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is an amazing park! There are a ton of attractions and experiences to enjoy at this park. I’ve listed out a run down of an inclusive, fun touring plan for Hollywood Studios! Check it out! 1. FastPass Early Any Disney fan will tell you to get your FastPasses booked as early as you can: 60 days out for ...

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Top Entertainment Options at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World

Going to Disney Springs often feels like going to a party. There’s so much to do, see, and eat! But there are certain entertainment aspects of Disney Springs that make any outing a truly memorable experience. Here are my top entertainment options at Disney Springs: 1. Marketplace Stage Located right in the middle of the action, the Marketplace Stage is ...

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My Top Ten Walt Disney World Experiences

Every trip to Disney is full of magic. There are always things to enjoy and remember and cherish. But sometimes Disney just outdoes itself. Sometimes the magic is unreal, over the top, extraordinary. We all have our best stories. Here are some of mine: 10. Fireworks at the Polynesian This Disney Experience is not rare, it’s not exclusive, to some, ...

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