8 Things You’ll Love About La Hacienda de San Angel at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney Dining

La Hacienda de San Angel in the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot is a great dining choice for everybody! Families, couples, solo guests alike can enjoy this welcoming restaurant with exciting flavors from all over Mexico. Plus the views rock! Here are 8 things you’ll love about La Hacienda de San Angel:

1. IllumiNations Viewing

La Hacienda de San Angel has absolutely gorgeous floor to ceiling windows on one wall that provide front row seating to Epcot’s nighttime fireworks show IllumiNations. From these windows you can watch the whole lagoon lit up for the show. The floating globe goes right to the center, easy to see and enjoy. This adds an element of fun and magic to your meal. You get a feast for your mouth and eyes!

2. House-made Tortillas

Disney is big on freshness. La Hacienda de San Angel agrees. Every day they make their delicious corn tortillas right in the restaurant itself. This ups the quality level for me. You can tell that these tortillas are fresh – it really makes a difference for your meal! La Hacienda also serves fresh salsas that go along with these tortillas beautifully!

3. Tequila Ambassador

If you’re a tequila person, this is the place for you. La Hacienda has two tequila flight options: La Hacienda Premium and Traditional. These have multiple types of tequila each. Just little tastes to appreciate each one. A nice added touch to this restaurant is the Tequila Ambassador. The Tequila Ambassador is on hand throughout the night to answer any questions or give recommendations!


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4. Margaritas

“Margaritas! We’re stopping!” My friend proclaimed one trip. This is one of my favorite quotes that has ever been said in Disney. And she was right! Mexico is known for its margaritas, and La Hacienda is here to hook you up. Their in-house menu has six margarita selections to choose, including ingredients like minty pineapple, avocado, orange mango fire, and, of course, rum! Yum!

5. DĂ©cor

The inside of La Hacienda de San Angel is beautiful. It’s simple, rustic, and charming. Hacienda translates to big house or estate, and the décor of this restaurant reflects that. It’s comfy and welcoming, just like it should be. The ceiling is covered in great, big, wooden beams with quirky chandeliers hanging down. On the far wall sits several arched alcoves with cozy booths and soft lighting to spark the mood.

6. Waterfront Dining

We’ve already established the views for IllumiNations are awesome, but the views are awesome in general! Right on the water, you can see the whole lagoon while you dine. The entire World Showcase is your view. Not too shabby. It’s an incredibly romantic dining experience. You get to munch on some fantastic flavors, while taking in the World.

7. Casually Upscale

Disney’s website describes La Hacienda as “authentic Mexican fare with upscale flair.” I think this sums up the restaurant perfectly. For example, La Hacienda serves guacamole, but with toppings including mango pico de gallo, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds and more. Sure they have tacos, but their recipe includes fried shrimp, chipotle-lime aioli, and salsa verde (this is my all-time favorite).

8. Dining Options for Two

La Hacienda de San Angel makes a great spot for date night. With fantastic views, cozy booths, and an intimate ambiance, it’s a no brainer. But La Hacienda also provides meal options for two. There’s a seafood plate and meat lovers option. Del Mar for Two includes grilled shrimp, fish, scallops, vegetables with beans and esquites. La Hacienda for Two has grilled New York strip, chicken breast al pastor, chorizos, and vegetables with beans and esquites. Win win!

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