Your Disney World Vacation is About to Get Cheaper According to D’Amaro

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Disney World is expensive. It always will be, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unattainable. Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Products, and Experiences, had some exciting things to say today about costs at Walt Disney World.

Josh D'Amaro

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D’Amaro participated in a Q&A at the JP Morgan Global Technology, Media, and Communications Conference today. This yearly conference “brings together corporate leaders, financial sponsors, and institutional investors to explore market and sector trends.” While there, D’Amaro answered questions related to The Walt Disney Company, focusing mainly on the theme parks.

Guests may soon have more options when it comes to spending (and saving) money on their Walt Disney World vacations. During the question and answer session, D’Amaro outlined ways in which the company intends to save guests money in the future. He emphasized that it was his goal to make the parks “more accessible to more people.”

How does he plan to do that? Guests will see more variable pricing both at the gate and inside the parks. “What we’re trying to do is have variable and flexible pricing anywhere that we can so that we can invite as many guests as possible to experience our parks,” he said.

Disney lower prices

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He outlined variable ticket pricing, which was introduced in 2018, as one of the ways the Parks want to lighten the load on would-be guests. He stated that going forward, more days will be offered at the lowest ticket tier. He reiterated that high-demand days will still come at a premium but that in an effort to be more accessible, lower levels would be offered “with greater frequency.”

Main Street Emporium Magic Kingdom

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The good news didn’t stop there. “Even inside the parks, we want to make sure we are offering variety so that guests can choose how they want to spend their time and how they want to spend their money, quite frankly,” he said. He did not give any specifics but said, “We are changing pricing strategies in certain areas where we want things to be more accessible to our guests.” That is “executive speak” for lower prices.

This news comes as a breath of fresh air as stressful economic times threaten a recession, and belts across the country are tightening. While these announcements won’t work miracles, you’ll never go to Disney for the price you did a decade ago. However, it is a welcome change from a Disney that previously only seemed to want to bleed guests dry.







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