Woman’s $156K Disability Scam Exposed by Federal Agents at Walt Disney World

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Talk about being caught in action!

Walt Disney World Resort, the enchanting and serene getaway that families from around the world flock to is not immune to the presence of criminals within its borders. While it may come as a surprise to many devoted Disney fans, incidents of unlawful activity have unfortunately occurred in this magical realm.

One striking case involves a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier who orchestrated a fraudulent scheme, misleading authorities and collecting over $156,000 in disability payments. This deception was unraveled when federal investigators discovered her strolling through the enchanting streets of Walt Disney World Resort.

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No Too Hurt for Disney

Hailing from New Jersey, this cunning 60-year-old woman had fabricated multiple disability claims, asserting that she had been rendered unable to work since September 2020. However, evidence brought forth by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey revealed that during this period, she was not only the owner of a Disney travel agency but also embarked on leisurely visits to Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios Orlando. This Disney Park story, reported by the Miami Herald, is almost too wild to believe.

The elaborate surveillance operation conducted by federal authorities involved close observation of her every move during one of her Walt Disney World Resort theme park trips in December of 2022. Walking an impressive distance of over two miles over the span of three hours, she indulged in the park’s offerings, wholly disregarding any limitations she had previously asserted. The day following her park visit, she was spotted engaging in various activities on Disney property, such as exploring the vibrant shopping district of Disney Springs. The following day she even ventured into the thrilling parks of Universal Studios in Orlando. Once again, she has no trouble navigating despite her “hurt” ankle.

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Woman Facing Hefty Penalty for Her Lie

The consequences of such deceptive behavior are severe. The woman faces a potential sentencing of up to five years in prison for her involvement in federal employee compensation fraud. Additionally, she may be ordered to pay substantial fines, including a maximum penalty of $250,000, an amount that amounts to twice the monetary gain she illicitly acquired. The U.S. Attorney’s Office holds steadfast in its commitment to prosecuting individuals who manipulate the system and abuse the trust placed in them. As of yesterday, January 30, the woman pleaded guilty to one of the charges.

This incident serves as a reminder that while Walt Disney World Resort is widely regarded as a place of wonder and dreams, it is not immune to the presence of those who seek to exploit and deceive. The Walt Disney Company and every cast member who works there recognize the importance of maintaining the safety and integrity of its cherished Disney Resort destination. They collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies and detectives to ensure that incidents of this nature are swiftly dealt with and those responsible are held accountable.

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As visitors continue to flock to the exhilarating theme parks, Disney aficionados can rest assured that their beloved resort remains committed to upholding its core values and providing a haven of magic and enchantment for all.

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