Teenager Arrested After Attempting to Bring Gun Onto Disney Property

Disneyland Paris
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A shocking story has come out about one 18-year-old who made a potentially devastating mistake.

The Disney Parks worldwide are known for being magical and wholesome places for guests of all ages to enjoy. However, not all guests understand what it means to contribute to that kind of environment. Nearly every week, a report of bad guest behavior shocks and disappoints Disney fans around the world.

Just yesterday, fans were shocked and horrified to hear that one teenage guest had been arrested after security discovered a gun on him. Now, the latest news from a police source has revealed more information on this confusing situation.

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Man Arrested at Disneyland Paris Resort

On Tuesday, January 9, it was reported by French media news source 22 Minutes that a male was arrested near a Disneyland Paris Resort entrance after he attempted to bring a gun onto theme park property. The man was walking through Disney Village when he decided to take a bus to the park’s entrance. Disneyland Paris Resort policy requires a security search when entering their buses. At this routine security screening checkpoint, the weapon was found by park security and arrested by French police.

However, the story gets quite a bit more complicated. It was revealed today that the gun in question was not actually a real gun but instead a fake one. According to a prosecutor on the case,According to the prosecutor, it is a so-called alarm pistol and blank ammunition, i.e. a weapon classified in category D.” The suspect allegedly had the fake weapon on him for his own personal protection.

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While the exact motives behind the man’s actions are yet to be determined, the authorities have indicated that their investigation includes various lines of inquiry. This bizarre situation is certainly not something that Disney security sees every day.

Staying Safe and Gun-Free at Disney

It is imperative to note that Disneyland Paris, being a renowned landmark and a symbol of joy and enchantment, is committed to ensuring the safety and security of its visitors. Their stringent security measures and constant vigilance play a vital role in upholding the magic of the park, making incidents such as this one all the more noteworthy. Handguns are never allowed, regardless of if they are real or not!

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The man’s arrest outside Disneyland Paris has raised concerns and prompted discussions on the overall state of security in public spaces. In a world where threats and risks persist, the incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by authorities in maintaining the safety of individuals and maintaining the sanctity of public spaces. Disney Resorts are always gun-free spaces for guests, and it is imperative that guests continue to comply with these rules.

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  1. I love Disney-have been a DVC member for years. But one thing that I have learned over the years is that a criminal will do just about anything to circumvent screening measures-an honest person will not. No one should be “shocked and horrified “ that this man was carrying a fake gun for his own personal protection. He was likely not a threat to anyone else. The security screening will guarantee that the honest, law abiding citizens will be completely defenseless against a threat. And with the size of the crowds inside the parks, if anything happened, it would be difficult for security to get there in a hurry. And as one who abides by the rules, that fact “shocks and horrifies” me

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