“I Hate Mexicans”; Protestors Arrested After Woman’s Racist Disney Tirade Goes Viral

Racist Disneyland Guest
Credit: _eva4eva Instagram

Just about one week ago, Eva Ramirez headed to Anaheim, California with her two-year-old son to visit Disneyland Resort. Disneyland is known as The Happiest Place on Earth, but for Ms. Ramirez and her son, the experience was anything but. Before they ventured into the theme park, they stopped in the bathroom, where Ms. Ramirez was confronted by a woman in a Steamboat Willie t-shirt.

Racist woman at Disneyland

Credit: _eva4eva Instagram

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Ms. Ramirez began filming the woman when the woman began berating Ramirez for speaking Spanish to her son. The woman told Ramirez, “This is America. You don’t speak Spanish in America, an English-speaking country.” Ramirez — who does speak English fluently — responded and told the woman that she would speak to her son in whatever language she wanted.

In the end, the unnamed woman made the startling statement, “I hate Mexicans. It’s true. There it is.” She then stuck her middle finger in the air as she walked out of the bathroom with the other woman in her party.

The Racist Tirade Goes Viral

Many on the internet do not take kindly to such blatant racism, and Eva’s video was no exception. Internet investigators quickly began searching so they could identify the woman. However, some people took things one step further when they showed up at the woman’s house to protest and let her know what they thought of her.

Disneyland at night

Credit: steven lozano on Unsplash

Per The Los Angeles Times:

On Sunday, a small crowd of protesters gathered outside a home in Apple Valley, where activists said the woman lives. As they shouted her name, San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies arrived in four cruisers, according to video shared by the Instagram account Riverside County Accountability.

Among the protesters was Edin Enamorado, an activist known for calling attention to people who make racist comments or harass street vendors, often protesting outside their homes and places of work or over social media.

A deputy told the protesters to get on the ground, but nobody moved. The group recorded the deputies as they approached, and Enamorado said they had permission to protest from a neighbor in the gated community.

A few seconds after stepping out of his car, a deputy handcuffs Enamorado and another deputy throws his phone into the street, according to the video.

Enamorado said he was booked on charges of trespassing and refusing to leave. A spokesperson for the sheriff’s department confirmed that Enamorado was arrested and released from jail.

Disney parking

Credit: Disney

The woman’s name is not being shared, and she has made her once-public social media accounts private.

Ignored By Disney Security

Ramirez spoke to The LA Times and said that, not only was she let down by the woman’s behavior, but she was disappointed in Disney’s response.

Ramirez said that she went to Disney security after the disturbing incident. But they did not seem to care or want to do anything about it. Ramirez claimed that a Disney security guard could not do anything about it because it was a “verbal confrontation,” and asked her what she wanted them to do about it. Ramirez said that they only offered to escort her into the park.

Disneyland Railroad

Credit: Disney

However, once she got through the gates, she did note that the woman was being taken into a back office. Ramirez said that she told security she did not want to stay at the park because they would let someone like that into the park after a racist tirade.

It is important to note that Disney does have rules against guests “engaging in offensive behavior.” Disney does reserve the right to remove guests who break its rules.

Disney has not responded to the video or the claims that security did not take the situation seriously.

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