Guest Claims That Another Guest Ran Over Them With Electric Scooter Because of Racism

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Every day, millions of people around the world visit a Disney Park — lines can be long, crowds can be high, and days can be hot. While a Disney vacation is usually a fun and magical time, there are things that can happen that can leave Guests with a negative taste in their mouths. And sometimes that negative taste can lead to police involvement.


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One of the more controversial issues at Walt Disney World Resort — as well as Disneyland Resort — is the use of electric scooters. Any Guest can rent a scooter to use during their theme park day, and no experience driving them is required. Big crowds plus inexperienced drivers can, and often does, lead to accidents that can leave Guests injured. Some Guests are even suing Disney for the injuries they suffered in one of Disney’s Parks due to an aggressive scooter driver.

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The Orange County Sheriff’s office, which will respond to incidents at Walt Disney World Resort, recently released its official quarterly report about incidents that have happened at Disney in the past couple of months, and one Guest claimed they were hit by another Guest’s electric scooter at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park. When asked why they believed they were hit, the person claimed it was because the other Guest was racist.

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The incident occurred on August 2 when a woman from Indiana — Susan —  tried to back her electric scooter into a spot. The report says that the woman lost control of the scooter and hit another woman. Susan apologized to the woman, but then a Florida man — Donald — stepped in and said that he was also a victim of the woman’s poor driving.

Donald demanded the woman’s insurance information, and she refused. Police were called to the scene, and Susan claimed that she did not give Donald her insurance information because of how rude he was being to her and her family. She also believed that she only hit the unnamed woman and that Donald was not telling the truth about being hit by the scooter.

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Donald told officers that Susan had smirked at him when she hit him, and he believed that she hit him on purpose because she is racist. He said that Susan apologized to the other woman, but not to him. Donald said that he was originally from Hawaii, but both Donald and Susan are listed on the sheriff’s report as white.

The officers also spoke to the woman who was hit by Susan’s scooter, and she said that she thought the whole thing was an accident. Officers refused to give Donald Susan’s insurance information and said that it was a civil matter.

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