‘Wish’ and ‘Aladdin’ Come to Life in Dazzling New LEGO Sets

Disney100 LEGO collab
Credit: Disney and Canva

In an exciting collaboration this year, the LEGO Group has partnered with the Walt Disney Company to release a collaboration honoring the 100th anniversary of Disney. These incredible LEGO sets and minifigures celebrate the magic of Disney and the beloved characters that have touched our hearts for generations.

Magic Takes New Form With LEGO Disney Sets

Disney and LEGO have partnered numerous times in the past, but this year’s releases have been something of a whole other level. From iconic character figures to the massive Cinderella Castle, fans have been left with no lack of incredible options to choose from.

Princess Asha and the wishing Star in Disney's 'Wish' movie

Credit: Disney

This collaboration is about much more than just LEGO; it serves as a way for fans to honor and celebrate the incredible century-long achievement that the Walt Disney Company is celebrating. All year long, the Disney100 celebration will remind us fans of the incredible stories and characters that have been enjoyed for the past 100 years.

As we enter the month of October, four new sets are about to hit the shelves of LEGO’s ever-growing inventory. These four sets are based on two films, Aladdin and the upcoming animated feature film Wish. 

Wish lego set

Credit: LEGO and Disney

A ‘Wish’ Come True

Right now, Disney fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming Disney film Wish. To celebrate, Disney has released three sets inspired by the film. Wish follows the story of the young Princess Asha, voiced by Ariana DeBose, who discovers a fallen wishing store. When the star ends up in the wrong hands, she must go on a daring adventure to save her kingdom from evil forces. Wish is a love story to many of Disney’s fast films, and it pays homage to dozens of them. 

Wish lego set

Credit: LEGO and Disney

The first of the Wish collection is “King Magnifico’s Castle,” #43224, which is an incredible 615-piece replica of the castle from the movie’s film. The set includes Asha, King Magnifico, Dahlia, and Star minifigures. Throughout the castle, there are hidden spaces to explore and find. This set costs $99.99.

The second set is “Asha’s Cottage,” which features Asha, Sakina, Sabino, and Star, as well as a gorgeous opening Hamlet. This set is $49.99. Finally, there is “Asha in the City of Rosas,” which features Asha, Valentino, Star, and an adorable marketplace of goods.

Wish lego set

Credit: LEGO and Disney

“A Whole New World” for LEGO

The final of the four new additions is the Mini Disney Palace of Agrabah. This 506-piece set, #40613, shows the stunning Palace of Agrabah, including the magic carpet. This set is $39.99 and truly captures the classic scene from the animated film.

Aladdin LEGO

Credit: LEGO and Disney

All of these incredible new sets are releasing on October 1, 2023. So far, the excitement about these sets is high amongst fans, so if you are looking to purchase one of these, you will likely want to act fast and buy one before they sell out.

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