New LEGO Disney Set Is the Perfect Tribute to Walt Disney

Walt Disney LEGO
Credit: Disney and Canva

LEGO enthusiasts and Disney fans alike will be thrilled with the latest creation from LEGO: the LEGO Walt Disney Tribute Camera. This incredible set pays homage to the man behind the magic, Walt Disney, and combines the beloved LEGO and Disney brands in a truly unique way.

walt disney camera LEGO

Credit: LEGO

A Tribute Fit for a Dreamer

Walt Disney is a name that needs no introduction. Known for revolutionizing the entertainment industry, Disney built an empire that continues to capture the hearts of millions around the world. The LEGO Walt Disney Tribute Camera is a nod to the visionary filmmaker and his iconic creations.

The set features a LEGO version of an old-fashioned movie camera, reminiscent of the one used by Disney himself in the early days of animation. It is beautifully designed with intricate details, such as a film strip, giving it an authentic feel. Comprised of 811 bricks, this set is a labor of love and highlights Disney’s influence on the world of cinema. The set also includes a black and white mini-figure of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, a Bambi and Dumbo figure, and a mini-figure of Walt Disney himself.

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walt disney camera LEGO

Credit: LEGO

Disney 100 and LEGO Find Fitting Collaboration

All year long, the Walt Disney Company and LEGO have been collaborating on collections as a way to celebrate the Disney 100 anniversary. This year marks 100 years of the Walt Disney Company, and these LEGO sets are a fun and meaningful way to honor such an occasion.

walt disney camera LEGO

Credit: LEGO

Preorders for the camera have begun, but it won’t officially be on sale until September 1. The set will cost $99, a standard price for a set of this size. It has been so incredible to watch Disney and LEGO collaborate on so many awesome sets this year, and this one is no exception. It will be so fun to see what is next to come for this iconic collaboration.

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