‘Willow’ Star Sues Disney for Brutal on-Set Injury

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The highly beloved TV series Willow is currently entrenched in a major scandal after one of the show’s actors filed a lawsuit against Disney. British actor Ralph Ineson, known for his roles in popular films and shows, is now pursuing legal action against the entertainment giant due to an incident that occurred on set. In a lawsuit filed in the London High Court, Ineson alleges that he suffered a severe shoulder injury while filming a scene for the fantasy series.


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‘Willow’ Star Seeks Payment for Stunt Gone Wrong

According to reports from the UK’s Sun newspaper, the incident took place during filming on the set of the Disney+ TV sequel to the beloved 1988 film. The production was taking place in South Wales in July 2021 when the unfortunate mishap occurred. Ineson, who was portraying a knight in armor, was filming an intense battle with a towering nine-foot-tall ogre named The Scourge.

During this gripping encounter, Ineson’s movements took an unexpected turn, resulting in an unfortunate fall that led to a dislocated shoulder. Tragically, the actor claims that the injury he sustained is not only debilitating but also permanent. As a result, Ineson has taken legal action against Disney, seeking compensation for the immense physical and emotional impact he has endured.

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This unexpected turn of events casts another shadow over the production of the Willow TV series. Fans and enthusiasts of the original film, directed by Ron Howard and produced by George Lucas, were eagerly looking forward to revisiting the enchanting world of Willow. However, this excitement was cut short for many fans after the series, which premiered on Disney+ in November of 2022, was suddenly removed from the platform earlier this year.


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A New Controversy for ‘Willow’ Series

As the lawsuit between Ralph Ineson and Disney unfolds, it raises questions about the safety precautions and responsibility of production companies towards their cast and crew. The glamorous and seemingly magical realm of show business often conceals the realities of the risks actors face while bringing fictional characters to life. Ineson’s legal action sheds light on the potential hazards inherent in physically demanding scenes and stunts, prompting a necessary examination of on-set safety protocols.

As this lawsuit develops, fans will be eager to see if Inesson gets the $190,500 payout for the injury he obtained on set.

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