Why You Need a Disney Movie Night

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If you are a frequent reader at DisneyDining.com, you know we have a soft spot for throwback Disney films. I have a hard time passing up a Disney movie night, and I can’t pass up fun snacks. Sure, cuddling up for a Disney movie during the winter months is a perfect pastime, but summer movie nights have advantages too.

Settling down for a Disney movie night with your family is an awesome idea any time of year; in fact, we think it makes for a perfect repeat family activity. Have you ever thought about scheduling a standing Disney movie night with your family? Well, queue up Disney+ and get ready for fun the whole family can enjoy!

Standing Date


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We all enjoy having something to look forward to. Little bright spots on the calendar don’t have to be big fancy experiences. Disney movie nights are such a fun way to keep your family excited about spending time together.

We recommend choosing a standing night each month to have your family’s Disney movie night. This ensures this time together is a priority, it is scheduled, and that everyone is aware of the plan. This also gives you time to plan. You could incorporate some really adorable Disney characters, colors, and evening details into your scheduling announcements on the family calendar. Speaking of calendars, don’t forget to set an alert on your Google calendar or whatever family scheduling app you use, so everyone receives reminders about movie night and can get excited.

Go All-In, On Theme


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If you’re anything like me, you love a good theme. Why not coordinate a Disney movie you are watching with the food or dish from that movie? Get your Bella Notte on by making flavorful spaghetti and meatballs while you watch Lady and the Tramp. Try your hand at making baklava on a night you watch Aladdin. Splurge for some delicious macarons from a nearby bakery to enjoy as you watch The Aristocats.

Theming can go beyond food. Recruit your kids to decorate your dining or movie space to match the theme. If you have older kids, consider delegating the theming responsibilities to them and watch their imagination blossom. One thing is for certain, going the extra mile to add a few magical touches to your Disney movie night will make it feel extra special.

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Embrace the Series

Keep everyone doubly invested in family movie night by watching a series. How you do this will, of course, vary based on your family’s preferences and kids’ ages, but there are plenty of fun series and sequels you could watch to keep movie night interesting. What about watching the Disney Pixar Toy Story series one after another? Maybe your little one is a princess fan; in that case, consider Cinderella and the sequel, Mulan and the sequel, and Pocahontas followed by Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World.

If you are a family of Star Wars buffs, then you absolutely must dive into the Star Wars series for movie nights. If you are in a family of film critics, consider watching the original animated Disney films and then the live-action remake the following week. Then chat about the best parts of each version of the movie. Ask your kids which version they liked best and why. There are plenty of ways to think through the movie that you screen at Disney movie night without randomly selecting movies or rewatching movies frequently.

Get Creative with Viewing

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Who says watching a movie means a boring seat on the couch? Get creative with viewing areas by setting up a movie screen to project a film on the wall for your family. Inflate an air mattress and project a movie on the ceiling or build a blanket fort and watch a movie cuddled up inside. In the summer outdoor viewing areas are popular. Nothing beats a movie under the stars. Bonus points if you have a pool, hot tub, or fire pit to enjoy while you tune in to a classic Disney flick!

Excellent Way to Save Money

Family movie nights are a great way to save money. With prices going up on gas, dining out, and movie theatre costs now more than ever, the movie night in is a great idea. Order a pizza, pop some microwavable popcorn and enjoy a movie with your family and enjoy a fun but much cheaper evening together than you would spend on an evening out. We bet you’ll have so much fun you’ll forget you are saving money!

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Take Turns Choosing

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Give everyone in your family a turn to choose the feature film for family movie night. This ensures everyone gets a chance to watch their favorite movie and shakes up the type of movies you watch. From classic Disney movies to princess movies, live-action remakes, and classic live-action films to Star Wars movies, Pixar flicks and forgotten Disney movies, you’ll have a chance to watch them all.

Get Pumped for the Parks

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What better way to get amped up for an upcoming Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort vacation than to watch Disney Movies?! As you get excited about an upcoming Disney vacation, make a point to watch the movies that inspired your favorite rides, restaurants, and resorts. We promise it will make your vacation all the more enjoyable, and you’ll notice details on attractions that you missed on previous vacations.

Unforgettable Family Memories

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Life gets so busy, and time passes quickly, especially where children are concerned. Time flies so it’s important to spend time together whenever you get a chance. Slowing down and connecting as a family- this is why you need a Disney movie night. Schedule your time together like you schedule work and activities outside the home and make family time an important priority for your crew.

From Peter Pan and Mary Poppins to The Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty, or Toy Story, there are so many incredible options to choose from. What Disney movie will your family watch first? Will you stream a movie on Disney+, go old school with a Disney DVD? Or will you go full vintage by watching a VHS? However you approach your Disney movie night, we hope you have a great time rediscovering old favorites, watching new releases, and connecting with your loved ones!

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