TV Shows That Took Disney Vacations

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A love for Walt Disney World vacations is not limited to the real world. That’s right; some of your favorite television shows of today and yesteryear have taken family vacations to Walt Disney World as part of the show. It probably comes as no surprise that many of those sitcom families came from ABC Television shows.

Owned by Disney, ABC knows that taking sitcom characters on vacation to Walt Disney World is fun for viewers and makes for a great storyline, all while plugging the Disney Parks. Maybe you remember watching some of your favorite television families on their Disney adventures, or maybe you’ll be surprised by the shows on this list. Regardless, we bet you will tap into old reruns on YouTube to watch these sitcom episodes after reading this article.

Full House


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When I think of sitcom families on vacation, Danny Tanner and his Full House family immediately come to mind. In the two-episode special called “The House Meets the Mouse” the Tanner family and Co. (obviously Kimmy and Danny’s love interest Vicky tagged along) traveled to Orlando to support Uncle Jesse who was performing at Walt Disney World with his band Jessie and the Rippers.

This special showed off Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa where the Tanners stayed during their vacation, the Magic Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios (then called MGM Studios). The episode showcased the parks while promoting the newest Disney movie, Aladdin. In the middle of the magic, Danny schemed for the perfect way to propose to his girlfriend Vicky, the family explored the parks, and Michelle was named princess for the day.

The episode concludes with fireworks, pixie dust, and lots of Disney magic that left every 90s kids wishing upon a star for a trip to Walt Disney World.

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Boy Meets World


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Is there a 90’s show more iconic than Boy Meets World? A couple more envy-worthy than Cory and Topanga? I think not! The Boy Meets World Disney special was everything our Disney-obsessed and Boy Meets World-obsessed hearts could handle.

When Topanga wins an essay contest that lands her a prize trip to Walt Disney World, Corey and Shawn follow close behind unbeknownst to their parents and Topanga. Corey’s burning need to confess his love to Topanga gives way to a chase around the Walt Disney World Parks.

The most memorable scenes for me remain those set at The Living Seas in EPCOT. Sure, Corey gets grounded for skipping town and flying to Orlando without his parents, but the episode ends on an epic note with a laser-lit fountain kiss in EPCOT’s Future World.


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The Connors were an iconic part of American television culture in the 1990s, so obviously they took a family vacation to Walt Disney World. Their trip bloomed from a difficult situation at home when Dad, Dan Connor, lost his job. The family chose to spend Dan’s last paycheck before his layoff from work on a family vacation to Walt Disney World.

The Connors have the time of their lives in the Magic Kingdom in this 1996 television special. Yes, even grouchy Darlene has a smile on her face when she meets cuddly Winnie the Pooh.

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch


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Was anyone else a huge Sabrina fan growing up? The adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, her quirky and kind aunts Hilda and Zelda, and of course her awesome cat Salem, were a staple for many 90s girls. In 1998, the cast took a trip to Walt Disney World’s brand-new park, Animal Kingdom. in a special episode.

When Sabrina’s class takes a trip to Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, a snafu occurs when Sabrina turns two classmates into zebras. Salem stows away to stealthily join the trip so he can indulge in as many snacks as he wants in his hotel room. Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda create some magic of their own in Dinoland U.S.A., and the American public got a great glimpse of this awesome new park while watching the antics of Sabrina the Teenage Witch just two days after the park opened.

Family Matters


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In 1995 the Winslow Family set off on a family vacation to Walt Disney World. When annoying but endearing neighbor Steve Urkel wins a trip to the finals of Amateur Inventors Weekly’s Annual National Contest the Winslows have an opportunity to tag along to support Steve through the competition. The contest is held in Innoventions at EPCOT. The Winslows and Steve get involved in some drama surrounding his invention: a machine that switches DNA, allowing Steve to become his alter ego.

In the middle of the drama, romance, and fun. the Winslows are enjoying vacation so much that they consider relocating to Orlando, Florida. This episode delivered plenty of iconic “Did I Do That?!” Steve Urkle moments in the middle of the magic.



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The television family trips to Walt Disney World didn’t stop after the ’90s. Shows like The Middle, Modern Family, and Black-ish have all made Disney Parks pilgrimages in more recent years. In 2016, the Johnson Family from Freeform’s Black-ish hit Disney World as VIPs.

Obviously designed to shed light on VIP options in the parks, this special focuses on the Johnson Family getting a bit too snobbish with the newfound freedom that being a VIP brings. This episode is famous among Disney Park fans for unrealistic cuts between parks and attractions.

Is there anything funnier or more unrealistic than watching TV magic transporting people from an EPCOT attraction directly to a dining experience in Animal Kingdom and quickly back to Cinderella Castle for Magic Kingdom fireworks?! Unrealistic? Totally. A lot of fun? Yes, this episode of Black-ish fits the bill! These are just a few of the awesome TV shows that took Disney vacations.

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