What I Would Do Locked in EPCOT Overnight

EPCOT Spaceship Earth
Credit: Disney

Disney is all about dreaming, right? After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes. Since Disney loves dreaming, we love dreaming. To be fair, most of our dreaming tends to be ABOUT Disney, but I digress. A little while ago, I had the idea of imagining what I would do if I had free rein over Magic Kingdom for a night. And I had so much fun dreaming that fantasy up, I decided to let my imagination run wild at EPCOT too. As I said in the Magic Kingdom article, I highly recommend having some fun with this thought experiment. Figment would certainly approve.

Take All the Front Gate Pictures

Everyone loves a good Front Gate photo. It’s classic Disney. But during the day, it can be so hard to get a good shot that doesn’t have some random guest in the background or something like that. If I had the Park to myself, I’d be able to get every single perfect shot I wanted!

EPCOT Spaceship Earth

Credit: Disney

Ride Test Track a Half a Dozen Times

Test Track has been closed the last six times I’ve been to EPCOT, so I would need to make up for that travesty. If it were just me, I could go around and around and never even get off the ride. I think six times around would make it feel fully satisfying, don’t you think?

Credit: DisneyDining.com

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Peruse MouseGear

Not that this would be true, but in this fantasy, let’s pretend I have a really nice Disney gift card to blow on merchandise! I sorely miss the old MouseGear shop, but in my dream, it is still on the Park and better than ever. I would have so much fun adding toys and shirts and mugs to my cart!

Credit: Disney

Sit and Enjoy the Music with a Coffee

The music of Future World is my all-time favorite in any Walt Disney World Park. While I try to do this on a normal Park day, being all alone would absolutely be a wonderful moment. I would sit outside and sip on some Starbucks and bask in the beauty that is Epcot.

Stay On Soarin’ for An Hour Straight

First of all, the queue for Soarin‘ is a dream in and of itself. Second, we all know that this ride is criminally too short. So, if I was calling the shots, we would just keep rolling that film over and over again. I wouldn’t even unbuckle, I’d just stay seated until takeoff again!

Soarin Around the World

Credit: Disney

Go Scuba Diving with the Dolphins

So this is a stretch seeing as I don’t know how to scuba dive. But since this is a dream, I am now an expert. I’ve always been so jealous of the Cast Members that get to go in the tanks at The Seas to feed and hang out with the animals. I would especially want to play with the dolphins!

Credit: Disney

Ride Figment, But Change the Smell to Cinnamon

I don’t think this is actually possible. But you know the scene in Journey Into Imagination that takes you to the smell lab and Figment releases a skunk smell? Well, there’s also a tube labeled “Cinnamon,” so I’d get out and switch it to that tube instead! I think everyone in the future would thank me.

Credit: WDW Magazine

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Climb the “Stairs” of the Mexico Pavilion

*DisneyDining.com does not endorse this behavior* Of course I would never climb the outside of the Mexico Pavilion in real life! But it’s always looked like stairs to me! Come on, how cool would that view be? I’m sure it’s perfectly safe….

Mexico Pavilion

Credit: Disney

Have Unlimited Stomachs

A MAJOR wish would be to have unlimited stomachs in EPCOT. There are so many amazing restaurants that I would have to go to if I had free rein, but I’d need unlimited stomachs to be able to eat everything. How could I pick between Le Cellier, Teppen Edo, and Tutto Italia? I couldn’t!

Credit: DisneyDining.com

Eat One Snack from Each Pavilion

In a similar vein, I would absolutely need to eat one snack from each of the World Showcase Pavilions. We’re talking shaved ice in Japan, pretzels in Germany, potstickers in China, gelato in Italy, and so on and so forth. When else would I have this kind of opportunity?

Credit: Disney

Take a Nap in Impressions de France

Okay, it’s been a long night of dreaming. It’s time to dream for real, I think. I love Impressions de France. It’s one of my favorite attractions, but it’s also so soothing and perfect for napping! So maybe I’d watch one show and then sleep through the next. That sounds like a good compromise.

Eat More at Spice Road Table to Watch Fireworks

But after a nap, I’d probably be pretty hungry, what with that 40-minute break from eating and all. I love the atmosphere and food at Spice Road Table, so I’d grab a seat right on the water’s edge and much on some Moroccan cuisine while the Epcot fireworks light up the night sky. Talk about an amazing front-row seat!

Credit: DisneyDining.com

Do One More Lap Around World Showcase

I think my favorite part about being alone in EPCOT at night would be how quiet everything would be. To end my fantasy night, I would simply do a walk around to soak everything in. I wouldn’t stop anywhere or take any pictures, I would just walk around and let myself breathe in the magic of Disney.

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