We Previously Thought This Disney World Location Was Permanently Closed…

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From Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World is focused first and foremost on progress. One of the Walt Disney Company’s biggest goals at all times is to find the most impressive and efficient ways to solve a theme park problem.

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Walt Disney himself was obsessed with the idea of progress, so it comes as no surprise to see that Walt Disney World Resort tries to implement this ideal in everything it does.

However, one of the downsides of progress is that the old has to be discarded to make way for the new.

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Recently, we reported on a Disney Springs location that was closing for good…or so we thought.

Disney Springs (formerly known as ‘Downtown Disney’) is a huge shopping center, full of iconic restaurants and stores. Restaurants such as Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe, Raglan Road Irish Pub, the Polite Pig, and more can all be found here.

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Not only that, but the Disney World town center is also full of stores such as the World of Disney store, the LEGO Store, and, until recently, Everything But Water.

Everything But Water, which sells bathing suits and other beachy accessories, recently closed on July 19. We at Disney Dining were convinced that this store was closing permanently.

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However, Walt Disney World Resort itself has confirmed that Disney Spring’s Everything But Water will reopen. From the official website, “Everything But Water is temporarily closed and will reopen in a new location at Disney Springs later this year.”

At this time, we don’t know when or where Everything But Water will return to Disney Springs, but we do know that this beachy boutique is not gone for good after all.

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