Walt Disney World Bus Involved In Crash With SUV

Disney World bus accident
Credit: @theparkplace1

If you are unfamiliar with how to get around Walt Disney World Resort, then it can be very overwhelming. The entire Resort is over 39 square miles, and with all the Parks and hotels and people trying to get around, it can make for some uneasy driving. Add to that there are Walt Disney World Resort buses that need to get Resort hotel Guests where they need to go, paying attention while on the road is vitally important. Unfortunately, even though you are in the Most Magical Place on Earth, unmagical things can happen, including car accidents.


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Late in the evening on August 5 — a Friday night — a Walt Disney World Resort bus was involved in an accident with a tourist driving an SUV. The accident occurred at the intersection of North World Drive and Seven Seas Drive, which is right near Disney’s Ticket and Transportation Center, where Guests also park if they want to go to Magic Kingdom Park.

Disney World Bus Accident

Credit: @theparkplace1

Reporters with That Park Place happened to be at the scene and sent out the following information:

Breaking: Disney World Bus Accident Involving an SUV Even at Walt Disney World, sometimes things go very wrong. In the case of transportation today, a bus driver and a tourist in an SUV collided. 

Twitter user Justin Sharifipour (@jsharif9999) also shared some more information on the accident, including that the entire windshield of the bus was destroyed (which can be seen in the picture) and that caution tape was put around the bus.

Car on its side intersection of N World Dr and Seven Seas. Disney Transpo bus next to it. Traffic slow getting in/out of MK.

Goofy bus, bus windshield busted. Caution tape around bus.

According to reports, no one was seriously hurt in the accident, although the driver of the Walt Disney World Resort bus was taken to the hospital as a precaution since the bus windshield was shattered. All Guests traveling on the bus were evacuated and put on another Disney bus to return to their destination. Reports also indicate that the SUV involved in the crash was towed away from the accident.

All roads around the accident site are open for Guests to travel. Disney Dining will keep readers updated if we learn anything new about the accident.

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