Video of Fight on Magic Kingdom Ferry Goes Viral

It’s been a long day in the Disney Park. The sun has been scorching. Walt Disney World’s Labor Day Crowds have set in, and you’re likely ready to crawl into bed after a long – hopefully magical – day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme Park. When driving to Magic Kingdom Park, Guests park at the Transportation Ticket Center and can either take the Monorail or the Ferry Boat across Seven Seas Lagoon to and from the Park entrance. We personally are especially big fans of the Ferry Boat as it can haul a massive amount of people and the open-air experience (with the stunning Cinderella Castle in the distance) is something we can first remember experiencing as very young children. Unfortunately, a couple of Guests seem to have had it as they decided the Magic Kingdom Ferry was the place to take out their aggression on one another.

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On Saturday night, September 4, of the busy Walt Disney World Resort Labor Day Weekend, families were taking the Ferry Boat from Magic Kingdom to the Transportation Ticket Center when a fight broke out. Joe (@Joseph7Mora8) took to Twitter to share a video, previously shared via Instagram saying, “WDW is officially ghetto. A fight broke out tonight aboard a Magic Kingdom ferry boat. A video shared by Instagram user Anna Chisam shows the fight involving multiple Guests.” Here’s the video below:

What a mess! Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a very family-friendly place so as you can see in the video plenty of children are in the area and witnessing the nonsense of the aggressive “adults.” Why the fight broke out and what happened to those that were involved in it is still unknown. Our best guess and hope is that Disney security was there waiting at the dock for all those involved.

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Our hearts break for the little ones that saw the fight as their memories from that magical day at Magic Kingdom theme park will likely always include these people that couldn’t handle their disagreement in an adult way.

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