WILD FIGHT Breaks Out Between Guests in Line at EPCOT Before Cast Members Are Forced to Intervene

verbal altercation in queue for soarin at epcot
Credit: TikTok/Theme Park Vibes/Canva

This post contains video of a guest altercation at Disney World, during which extremely strong and offensive language is used. Viewer discretion and caution are strongly advised.

Just when you think you’ve seen the most awful behavior on display at a Disney park, an incident takes place that makes you realize that, yes, it can get worse. That’s exactly what happened during a wild altercation between a group of guests in line for an EPCOT attraction and other guests who witnessed the whole ordeal.

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Credit: Becky Burkett

On Tuesday, TikTok user Theme Park Vibes posted a video of a group of young people in line for the Soarin’ attraction at EPCOT. From the very beginning of the recording–and throughout it–the four individuals verbally attack the guest who is recording the altercation, and to say their choice of vocabulary is colorful would be a gross understatement.

verbal altercation at epcot soarin attraction

Credit: TikTok/ThemeParkVibes

Viewer discretion is absolutely advised.

It’s important to note that the entire altercation took place after the group of four cut in line ahead of other guests who were waiting to enjoy the attraction.

soarin disney world

Credit: Disney Parks

In the queue for the Soarin’ attraction at The Land pavilion at EPCOT, some of the worst guest behavior was on display for all to see. when he and his friends began cussing out a group of fellow theme park visitors and attacked them with homophobic slurs, all this after cutting the line at an attraction.

Bad Guest Behavior in the Parks

For whatever reason, some guests who visit the Most Magical Place on Earth simply seem to have taken leave of their senses, displaying behaviors and acting in ways that leave other guests scratching their heads. Guests who frequent the Central Florida Disney Parks are no strangers to these behaviors, some of which can be as mild as a rude comment or an eye-roll toward a cast member or as egregious and shocking as a full-fledged physical attack on other guests that invites every member of the family to join in.

fight at disney world magic kingdom

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(Yes, that actually happened.)

Altercation at Soarin’ Attraction

In the video of the altercation that took place in the queue for the Soarin’ attraction at EPCOT, the group of four guests who cut in line ahead of other guests spared no words when displaying their rage and frustration toward other guests who pointed out their bad behavior.

@theme.park.vibes We were just trying to smell some oranges on Soarin in Epcot… #disneyfight #epcot ♬ original sound – Theme Park Vibes

The two-minute-long video, which has garnered nearly 30,000 comments and has been shared more than 7,800 times, shows the group after they reportedly cut “the entire line” in the queue. It also shows the group refusing to move when they’re asked to do so by other guests.

The female guest who posted the video online attempted to talk to the group about their actions, at which point one of the males in the group replied, saying, “I’m not talking to no ******* females.” His friends then begin laughing. At a later point in the video, the young man then claims to play football for the University of Central Florida (UCF).

verbal altercation at epcot soarin attraction

Credit: TikTok/ThemeParkVibes

The video also shows one of the young women in the group using homophobic slurs as she argues with guests who were filming the video of the altercation. At one point, a guest approaches the group to remind them that there are children in line for the attraction, telling them that they need to watch their language and be mindful of their behavior.

The shocking behavior took many guests and fans of the parks by surprise. But the shock only grew when the young man involved in the altercation–who said he plays football for UCF–responded online to comments about the altercation, saying that the entire situation began because other guests were using racial slurs against him.

young man on tiktok

Credit: Screenshot/TikTok/@kj brathwaite

The young man, who goes by Kj Brathwaite on TikTok, begins his video by saying that he’s responding to the video circulating online of him and his friends.

He initially apologizes to any children who were there during the altercation and then says there are two sides to every story–and he wants to give his side of the story, which includes claims that guests in line for the attraction used a racial slur toward him.

But this was never mentioned in the original video.

The young man also confesses that he does not play football for UCF, leaving many to wonder why he was part of such an elevated exchange in the first place–especially since he and his three friends reportedly began the scenario by cutting in line in front of multiple guests.

Ultimately, the group of four were reportedly removed from the line by cast members, but questions still remain about the reasons for their aggressive behaviors and their quickly-elevating responses to those who called them out for their bad behavior in the queue.

Were you at EPCOT during this situation? Have you experienced other guests behaving badly in the parks? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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  1. Wasn’t there to witness this event but was there Saturday and witnessed three fights in the half day we were at Epcot. The final one due to a woman in a motorized scooter being told she was going against park policy by vaping that resulting in the scooter plowing my 11 year old over due to the woman being so focusing on yelling at the other person. I reached out to Disney’s passmember special contact point to request viewing the security footage (as my daughter was injuried and the woman proceeded to get in my face) and asking how they plan to keep my family safe going forward with no response days later. Guess we will never know if they did anything to address the malicious use of a motorized scooter as a weapon! Disney has gone from an environment I felt safe taking my children to, to one I am constantly questioning who they really are advocating for.

  2. I was there probably 6 people behind this group. I heard no slurs in any way until they started screaming profanity and using a lot of slurs towards people in the line. The number of times he said he was famous, a football player and had more money than other people there was never ending which is really funny considering it apparently was a lie. They were out of control when called out on their entitled activity. So glad my friends were able to get out of line and contact Disney cast members to handle this situation. The cast member was courteous and professional and handled himself and this situation in the best way possible and even came back to tell us although he couldn’t kick them out of the park he did remove them from the ride and apologized to the visitors for having to experience this behavior. The group was out of line from the start and Disney handled it very well. I’m also commend the others in line for not allowing the aggressors to escalate this to a physical altercation.

  3. Why weren’t these people escorted out of the park by security and banned? What made them so special that they could cut in front of everyone?

  4. I would be so embarrassed as a parent if someone had my child on video acting this way. They should have been band from the park. It amazes me how some behave. The school should be embarrassed even if the kid doesn’t play UCF football. He probably goes to UCF.

    • He should be embarrassed that he goes to UCF anyway.
      He’s probably upset he couldn’t play for a real school and now has to take it out on every one else.

  5. It would be funny if the pos was kicked off the football team due to the video. Just saying 🙂

  6. These are the kind of people who ruin it for those of us in the Parks who are there to have fun! I’m guessing they were drinking round the world prior to this event.
    I am usually at the Parks with my young grandchildren or my husband. Either way, I would NOT want to be exposed to this kind of behavior!
    So, my question is, did the person who was offended and was taping this video show it to any of the Guest relations or Cast Members? They are the ones who are supposed to be preventing these events by kicking them out of the Parks. Otherwise, they just get more obnoxious as they continue on….

  7. Why managers didn’t escorted them out of the park? Not just the ride, kick them out of the park and banned them from Disney period.

  8. My husband was the guy who walked up and calmed the group down for about 15 seconds. There have been increased instances of people walking to the front of the line, supposedly to meet friends or family…but who really knows? There was awful behavior by this group of young people, but a few people in line got pretty heated, too. One thing that I loved is that the line stuck together, knowing that this group was not in the right. In the past, people kept their heads down and we let ourselves get bullied. At the very end, a group of dads walked up together to talk, but that was right when Caleb, the manager, came up. I do feel that they should have been escorted out of the park for at least that day.