Universal Orlando Express Pass Scam EXPOSED

Express pass scam
Credit: Jill Bivins

Universal’s Express Pass is a fantastic way to maximize your time at Universal Orlando. We love the convenience and the fact that you pay one price and get quick access to most rides in the park. It’s one of the few ways we think Universal has a leg up on Disney. Individual Lightning Lane starts to feel like Nicole and dining after a while. Universal’s system is a one and done– it isn’t cheap though.


Credit: Universal Orlando

The cost Universal Express Pass varies by date but at the time of this writing the Unlimited Pass, which allows riders to skip the lines on eligible rides as many times as they like, costs $259.99 per person. That’s the per person price for a multi-day two park Express Unlimited Pass. The regular Express Pass which allows riders to skip the line once per eligible ride was $240.00. It’s not surprising that some would try and game the system. Redditor u/Chris5938 took to social media to vent his frustrations about an incident that occurred while he and his family were visiting the park recently.

Express Pass scam

Credit: Universal

He said that he and his family had Express Pass and he witnessed another family skip the line without a Pass. Here’s how it happened: One group had valid Express Passes and went through the Express Pass line. At a certain point Express Pass rejoins the standby line (much further up in the queue). That was when another group, without Express Pass, walked through the line to meet up with their Express Pass companions. This doubled their line skipping without paying double the price- a policy that is against the rules at Universal Orlando.

When alerted to what had happened Universal Team Members simply said, “We know,” and did nothing. Another user pointed out that often Team Members are instructed not to engage with line breakers. Instead, security is alerted and removes them and bans them from the Park after they exit the ride. Whether that was the case here or not is not clear.

Several users said it wasn’t a big deal and a few even admitted to doing it themselves. This is definitely a loophole that Universal should address in a way that doesn’t make guests feel as though rule breakers are rewarded (by getting to ride). Walt Disney World has cracked down on line jumpers in recent years and though it remains a problem, it has improved. Time will tell if the Universal Orlando Resort will follow suit.

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