This Classic Universal Attraction Has Officially Outlived This Cultural Touchstone

et the extra terrestial and elliot
Credit: Steven Spielberg, Universal

Similar to its movie studio, Universal Studios Orlando has had some amazing hits, some absolute misses….and some truly bizarre cult classics.

Just like Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort has had some wildly successful attractions and some cult classics that have stuck around and wormed their way into the hearts of Guests.


Credit: Disney

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Over in Walt Disney World, that may be an attraction such as Journey Into Imagination With Figment, Living With the Land, Country Bear Jamboree; you get the picture. It’s typically something that may not be particularly exciting, but retains a specific niche of Guests’ interest anyways.

In Universal Studios Orlando, that attraction is none other than the E.T. Adventure Ride.

et adventure ride

Credit: Universal

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The E.T. Adventure Ride first debuted in 1990, and it was weird even for the time period’s reception to whimsy. If you haven’t been on this slow-moving dark ride recently, we’ll summarize it for you.

Imagine you’re on a flying bicycle, with E.T. hiding in your basket as you evade law enforcement and government officials. Suddenly, your bike takes flight not miles into the air, but lightyears.

the et adventure ride

Credit: Universal

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E.T. transports you into space, bringing you to his home planet, The Green Planet, which is filled to the brim with some of the creepiest audio animatronics this author has ever seen.

Given its dwindling popularity and overall bizarre nature, Guests and fans are always worried about this attraction’s lifespan. In short, we never know when the E.T. Adventure Ride will be demolished to make room for something new.

However, this attraction hasn’t just made it to another year, it’s outlived a cultural touchstone:

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As Elon Musk has taken Twitter and retired it, rebranding the app into something known as ‘X,’ the E.T. Adventure Ride has officially outlived Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms of its time.

Hopefully, this means that the E.T. Adventure Ride is here to stay!

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