Disney World Guests Continue Targeting Each Other Online

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Walt Disney World is, of course, the Most Magical Place on Earth. But all the Disney Magic in the world won’t stop certain inconsiderate Guests from ruining the experience for others.

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Just like with any other public place, fellow Guests do annoying stuff all the time. We all have our personal Walt Disney World Guest pet peeves.

From coughing and sneezing without covering one’s mouth to using flash photography during attractions and shows…to the dreaded line-cutting.

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Guests cut in line all the time. From Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom, we’ve all seen somebody escorting their children up front, claiming to be catching up with someone who’s been holding their place in line the entire time.

No matter the reason for cutting in line, it’s something that absolutely nobody likes.

Although Walt Disney World Cast Members have been trying to put a stop to the line-cutting epidemic as of late, there’s only so much a Cast Member can do.

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As a result, Guests have begun retaliating in the only way they can: public humiliation via the Internet.

It’s not uncommon for Disney Guests to post pictures or videos of other Guests misbehaving online. Sometimes, it’s for the sake of a public service announcement or to bring attention to something.

Other times, it’s just to complain:


@disneyworld why are you not hotter on this?? 🙄. This has happened EVERY day of our visit. It shouldnt be allowed to leave and rejoin the queue just to get food or let one member of yourparty queue and the rest join later. @UniversalStudiosOrlando and @Busch Gardens Tampa are wayyyy hotter on controlling this. #fyp #foryoupage #disney #queuejumpers #baddisney #justqueueit #holiday #florida #orlando

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In this video, we can see a series of Guests line-cutting, which all happened in just one trip. We can even presume that there were even more instances the original poster noticed but failed to capture on video.

That being said, publicly humiliating Guests isn’t a very magical thing to do, either. When it comes down to it, it’s always best to inform Cast Members of unruly behavior instead of trying to shame Guests out of it.

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