‘The Simpsons’ Could Be Coming to the Disney Parks, but Is That What Fans Really Want?

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It’s no secret that The Simpsons is an iconic animated television show loved by many fans around the world. The hilarious yellow family has been making audiences laugh for decades. Due to their popularity, it seems only fitting that the colorful cast of characters have their own theme Park attractions.

Currently, Universal has the rights toĀ The Simpsons. Universal Orlando, which is known for its Harry Potter attractions, also has a large area dedicated to Springfield USA. Universal Orlando’s ‘The Simpsons’ area immerses fans in the animated world of Springfield, bringing iconic locations from the show to life. The themed area also features The Simpsons Ride, an exhilarating simulator attraction that takes guests on a wild adventure through Krustyland. This existing presence of ‘The Simpsons’ at Universal Orlando is greatly enjoyed by fans and has become a favorite attraction for many visitors.

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While the area still exists now, Universal will lose the rights toĀ The Simpsons in 2028. At this time, Disney will gain ownership.

‘The Simpsons’ Falls Into Disney’s Lap

Since this news was revealed, fans have been curious to know what the future will be forĀ The Simpsons.Ā Will they stay at Universal? Will they come to Disney? Much is to be answered.

With 2028 growing nearer each day, fans are very curious if Disney will bring any ‘Simpsons’ attractions to Walt Disney World Resort. This discussion has raised another question; even if they can bringĀ The Simpsons,Ā should they?

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Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

The truth is thatĀ The SimpsonsĀ doesn’t really match Disney’s brand as to what the Parks provide. While Disney has been adding some more adult-centered attractions and offerings as of late, having an adult cartoon featured in the Parks would be a shocking play.

Also, there are so many existing Disney movies that are not represented in the Parks that would fit better. One fan asked the question;

“Would you like to see a Simpsons land at WDW?


With talk that Universal will no longer have the rights to the Simpsons after 2028, would you like to see a Simpsons land in WDW? It still has some appeal for people through nostalgia if nothing else. Could be some marketability opportunities with things like Duff Beer and Flaming Moes.

Do you think Disney would have any interest in having a small area for the Simpsons? Is it something you would like to see at WDW?”

Would you like to see a Simpsons land at WDW?
by u/ccholiday2023 in WaltDisneyWorld

The overwhelming response from fans was that they did not want The SimpsonsĀ to take space at Walt Disney World Resort. Now, the question is will Disney listen to the feelings of fans?


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