The Dismantling of Disney’s Splash Mountain Continues as the Classic Attraction Is Torn Apart

splash mountain black and white
Credit: Disney

The timeline regarding Splash Mountain’s deconstruction has been muddled with controversy from the moment it was announced. Even now, as the attraction is dismantled, many fans protest the idea of the ride being closed.

Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

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Splash Mountain’s source material, Song of the South (1946), is infamously known as one of the most racist films produced by the Walt Disney Company. It’s so shameful that Disney has never distributed the film and cannot be found on Disney+ (or ‘Disney Plus’).

Although Uncle Remus, the offensive African American stereotype character from the film, doesn’t show up in Disney’s Splash Mountain ride, it’s been closed anyways to prevent any promotion of harmful ideologies.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Credit: Disney

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Walt Disney Imagineering has begun dismantling Magic Kingdom Park’s Splash Mountain, and soon enough, the attraction will reopen as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

While some fans of the classic Magic Kingdom ride are devastated at the loss of Splash Mountain, others are beyond excited for a new ride starring Princess Tiana herself.

As the Walt Disney Imagineers get to work, Guests have taken pictures to keep fans updated on the progress.

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As we can see in this Tweet, there are construction lights and scaffolding up. The briar patch has already been de-constructed, the water has been drained, and many changes are being made each day.

Here is a picture of what the scaffolding looks like during the day.

splash mountain dismantling

Credit: Vanessa W.

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While this may be enough to take some Guests out of the magic of Walt Disney World, others find the progress incredibly exciting and cannot wait to see what happens next.

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