Taylor Swift Getting Hit by Car and Her MetLife Game Cameo, What It Could Mean for Marvel Fans

Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Taylor Swift at MetLife Stadium for NFL game
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Pop sensation Taylor Swift is dominating the news today even more than the 12-time Grammy winner usually does, which is really saying something. She’s making headlines for her widely publicized appearance at last night’s National Football League game featuring the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the New York Jets. Swift’s multiple game-day sightings ultimately confirm rumors that she has started dating NFL star and reigning Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Chiefs. This Taylor Swift cameo, in combination with a graphic video of her getting hit by a car, has nodded to other rumors of the Marvel Entertainment variety.

NFL features Taylor Swift on Their x, Twitter, Social Media Account
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Swifties are perhaps the most loyal, intense, and active fanbase on the planet, but Marvel fans with a die-hard allegiance to a mutant mercenary named Deadpool aren’t too far behind. These two fandom forces have recently found an unexpected common ground regarding the second sequel in Marvel Studios’ Deadpool series and the third franchise film overall. Deadpool is known and beloved for its irreverent, raunchy, and violent sense of humor and, of course, Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds, who brings his craziest self to the role of Wade Wilson (AKA Deadpool), misses no opportunity for fun promotion of the films and is heralded for teaming up with X-Men’s Hugh Jackman as the iconic Wolverine. The two actors are also very close friends. In the same vein, Taylor Swift has become equally good friends with Reynolds, his wife, actress Blake Lively, and their daughters. Not only does Swift frequently hang out with the Hollywood power couple, but she has featured their three daughters in her music multiple times! Ryan and Blake were even in the audience when Taylor hosted SNL!

Taylor Swift was anything but solo at the Chiefs’ ultimate victory over the Jets at MetLife last night. She had a whole hoard of famous people with her! Most importantly, she was accompanied by Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Hugh Jackman, and the director signed on to Deadpool 3, Shawn Levy. Fans went crazy at seeing the crew all together and naturally took this as confirmation that Swift would play some type of role in the upcoming film.

So what will this cameo entail exactly? That’s where this messed up car crash comes in. Rumors circulated that Disney may have hired Taylor Swift to appear in Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3 as a character called “Dazzler.” Dazzler, AKA Alison Blaire, is a Marvel Comics superheroine who can convert sound vibrations into dazzling lights and energy blasts. Initially, Dazzler pursued a career as a singer and entertainer before becoming involved with the X-Men, which makes Taylor Swift a reasonable match.

However, even Swift’s fiercest protectors can admit that the singer is a pretty poor actress – making it unlikely for her to be cast in a pivotal plot role. So, here’s the Taylor Swift cameo prediction that’s turning heads on social media. Warning: Vehicular accident portrayed below.

As a commenter on the X (formerly Twitter) thread notes, this depiction is nothing against Swift, this is just exactly the shockingly morbid type of thing Deadpool movies are known for. This clip is, however, a REAL Taylor Swift cameo from David O. Russell’s 2022 mystery crime film Amsterdam. Swift has about 13 minutes of screen time and plays a character named Elizabeth, who believes her father’s death was murder. Spoiler alert…A hitman kills her by pushing her in front of a moving car.

Yikes, right?

So, are you pumped for the likely Taylor Swift cameo in the upcoming Deadpool film? What do you think her role will be?

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