Stormtroopers Visibly Confused by Guest’s Prosthetic Leg

disney world disneyland stormtroopers tiktok video galaxys edge prosthetic leg alex1leg funny confused
Credit: @Alex1Leg/ TikTok

Stormtroopers are some of the most iconic characters to come out of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars franchise, and current-day Disney Parks Guests are delighted to see them walking around. The futuristic soldiers are known to roam around Walt Disney World’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, located in its Hollywood Studios theme park as well as Disneyland’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park. Fans appreciate how interactive these characters are, as pick people out of crowds while saying something curt and galactic.

walt disney world stormtroopers tiktok video rise of the resistance galaxys edge

Credit: Disney

These two Stormtroopers were left utterly dumbfounded when Park Guest Alex basically pranked them. The pair of Stormtroopers approach confidently and meet Alex with one of their prerecorded lines – one says, “Let me see your identification.” They set Alex up perfectly, as he was already looking to see how the Stormtroopers reacted to his prosthetic leg.

Immediately, he offered the identification they requested by reaching down and twisting and turning his prosthetic leg until the knee was upside down and bent the wrong way, and the sole of his shoe faced the sky. The Stormtroopers are palpably confused. One trooper, still with his weapon raised, makes hilariously short head movements in confusion, trying to decide what to do. The other remains completely still.

disney world disneyland stormtroopers tiktok video galaxys edge prosthetic leg alex1leg funny confused

Credit: @Alex1Leg/ TikTok

The first turns to the second, as if for help, but the second Trooper is useless too. He glances back at the first Trooper definitively and unhelpfully. The video is barely ten seconds long but is so funny. Alex hops on his one leg and laughs as they struggle to respond. He labels his TikTok video as “I just need some new droid parts,” as his white prosthetic really does resemble the Stormtrooper’s armor. See the video here:


I just need some new droid parts

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Alex, known as @Alex1Leg on TikTok, is very vocal about his situation and documented his health struggles. He lost his left leg to bouts with cancer but inspires his followers with his active and positive lifestyle. This hilarious Stormtrooper video is just another way Alex is using what he has to bring joy to others.

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