These Stormtroopers Will Strip For You

PLEASE NOTE – This material may not be suitable for all ages. 

Is there an overlap between Star Wars enthusiasts and fans of burlesque shows? This touring entertainment experience seems to think so. But how exactly does the “epic space opera” translate into a half-clothed variety show? Expect stormtroopers in thongs, Jedis disrobing, and Princess Leia in a tiny bikini…not that you have to imagine that one.

The wild event is cleverly called The Empire Strips Back: A Burlesque Parody, and from promotional photos, it seems the Empire is prepared to do just that. The show’s website reads, “Prepare for a one-of-a-kind evening full of comedy, allure, and sci-fi, dropping the saga’s most iconic characters into the world of burlesque.”

The Empire Strips Back logo with Jedi

The Empire Strips Back

Audiences can undoubtedly expect some dark-side seduction, lightened up with talented performances, comedy, and attention to detail that true fans cannot go without. Familiar characters making appearances include Darth Vader, Boba Fett, R2D2, a “lady-like Skywalker,” and more. You may even get a glimpse of Chewbacca strutting his stuff for the crowd. Unfortunately, there seems to be no JarJar Binks…even though JarJar “Bikinis” is RIGHT there.

Who had the crazy idea for a Star Wars burlesque extravaganza, you ask? The show was created by Australian creative and Star Wars lover, Russall S. Beattie, and premiered in 2011. After a great reception in Australia, the production went on in the US and often has an open-ended run based on response.

Unfortunately, there’s no official response from Lucasfilm Ltd., but reviewers seem positive and impressed.

Empire Strips Back Reviews

The Empire Strips Back

If the punny “Empire Strips” play on words in the title is any indication, then the experience sounds like it can only be a good time – a surefire conversation starter if nothing else!

Tickets sold out in Australia with performances in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and more! Tickets are still available in the United States in New York (with performances starting in May), Chicago, and San Diego – though it seems Los Angeles and San Francisco may already be full. Take your chance to see The Empire Strips Back!

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