Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Attraction Reaches Ridiculously High Wait Time, But Why?

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Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort have come a long, long way from the original Disneyland Park.

Now, each Disney Resort has its own moniker: The Most Magical Place on Earth and The Happiest Place on Earth, respectively. But on certain days, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that either Disney Resort has been renamed ‘the most crowded place on Earth.’

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Credit: Disney

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But today, it seems as if Disneyland Park was exceptionally crowded…either that, or something is going on in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

One Guest visited the Disney Resort today and noticed something unusual: a staggering 200-minute wait time for Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run.

What’s going on over at smugglers run?
by u/star_child77 in Disneyland

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For context, the most Guests have ever had to wait in line for Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run is 240 minutes, according to Thrill Data’s website.

Galaxy's Edge

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While the avid Star Wars fan may wait a long time for this attraction, most Guests are unwilling to wait in such a long line for this ride.

Riding this attraction is a bit of a game of chance, as each Guest is addressed a specific role, and some roles are noticeably more interactive than others.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Falcon

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Online, fans are speculating as to what’s going on with the Star Wars attraction. Recently, the attraction had to be evacuated. Now, there’s a possibility that the attraction is running at a limited capacity.

Unfortunately, nobody knows whether the Star Wars attraction is suffering technical difficulties or if Disneyland Park was simply extra crowded today.

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