Splurge on These Table Service Meals in EPCOT

Le Cellier Filet Mignon
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EPCOT is home to some of the most incredible dining options at the Walt Disney World Resort thanks to an array of table service and quick service restaurants that serve up traditional American and international cuisines. World Showcase in particular features many popular restaurants where Guests can sample culinary delights from around the world without ever leaving the Disney Park.


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With so many amazing options to choose from, sometimes Guests want to splurge on an unforgettable meal in EPCOT but don’t know where to start. We’ve looked at all of the table service restaurants in EPCOT and found the five most splurge-worthy meals that include a specialty beverage, appetizer, entrée, and dessert. While these options are all amazing, it should be noted that other table service locations like La Hacienda de San Angel, Spice Road Table, Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria, and Rose & Crown Dining Room are also great options. Without further ado, let’s check out the top five splurge meals to enjoy in EPCOT at the Walt Disney World Resort!

*Note: We did not include Garden Grill Restaurant, Biergarten Restaurant, or Space 220 Restaurant when considering the most expensive meals in EPCOT, as these table service locations currently serve up buffets or prix fixe menus for a set price per Guest.


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Chefs de France

The France Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase brings the charm and romance of Paris to life with cobblestone streets, the Eiffel Tower in the distance, and an array of wonderful shops and dining locations for Guests to explore. Chefs de France is a table service location near the front of the France Pavilion that is themed to feel like a classic French bistro with wonderful views of both World Showcase Lagoon and the fountain found right outside. Guests who dine at the location for lunch and dinner can indulge in a menu of traditional French cuisine including these extravagant splurge-worthy items.

Kir ROyal

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Drink: Kir Royal – $19.25

No decadent meal is complete without a cocktail, and Chefs de France features several delicious options to choose from. The Kir Royal is nearly as beautiful as it is tasty and the beverage combines Champagne Malard and Lejay Cassis for a vibrant red color.


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Appetizer: Escargot: $14.95

The Escargot (Cassolette d’escargots de Bourgogne au buerre persille) is the perfect appetizer to kick off an indulgent meal at Chefs de France and features a beautiful presentation of escargots that have been baked to perfection with parsley and garlic butter for decadent flavor in each bite.

Beef Tenderloin

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Entrée: Filet de Beouf Grille- $40.95

There are several decadent entrée options to choose from at Chefs de France, but none is as satisfying as a large portion of steak perfectly prepared. The Filet de Beouf Grille features a grilled tenderloin of beef that is beautifully plated with a green peppercorn sauce, potato gratin, and green beans.

Tarte au Chocolat Valrhona

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Dessert: Tarte au Chocolat Valrhona – $13.95

French cuisine has some of the best desserts around and Guests who dine at Chefs de France cannot miss out on the Tarte au Chocolat Valrhona, which pairs a chocolate tart with ganache, chocolate mousse, cocoa sauce, and vanilla ice cream for an indulgent end to any meal.

Total: $89.10

Dining Room

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Tokyo Dining

Moving over to the Japan Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase, Guests can head to the second level of the Mistukoshi Department Store to enjoy an indulgent meal at Tokyo Dining. This table service restaurant channels modern-day Tokyo with an upscale, contemporary interior featuring beautiful views of World Showcase Lagoon. Open daily for lunch and dinner, Tokyo Dining serves up a menu of traditional Japanese cuisine including some of the best sushi at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Dining Room

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Drink: Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo – $39.00

No drink is as authentically Japanese as sake and the menu at Tokyo Dining features many options to choose from, including one over-the-top pour. The Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo is imported directly from Japan and features an 8-oz serving that is sure to refresh any Guest!

Dining Room

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Appetizer: Wagyu Wrap – $26.00

Wagyu is one of the most indulgent and expensive types of meat and Guests can begin a lunch or dinner at Tokyo Dining with the Wagyu Wrap appetizer. This lovely plate pairs wagyu striploin with black tobiko, rice, nori, yuzu peel, and a drizzle of sashimi soy sauce for a flavorful option good to the last bite.

Sirloin Steak

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EntrĂ©e: Sirloin Steak – $36.00

The menu at Tokyo Dining is broken down into several entrée options, but the most indulgent meal available to Guests can be found on the Yakimono menu. The Sirloin Steak is cooked to perfection, hand-cut, and served with grated daikon, crispy garlic chips, and a light soy sauce for a juicy, tender, and unforgettable entrée option.


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Dessert: Yuzu Mousse Cake – $18.00

To finish any meal at Toyko Dining, Guests should be sure not to miss out on the unique Yuzu Mousse Cake, which is topped with a kinako crumb, gold flakes, matcha cream chocolate rocks, and sparkling yuzu sauce for a treat that is unlike anything else found outside of the Japan Pavilion.

Total: $119.00

Dining Room

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San Angel Inn Restaurante

One of the most immersive dining experiences in EPCOT can be enjoyed in the heart of the Mexico Pavilion at San Angel Inn Restaurante. This charming location can be found inside the ancient pyramid in the Plaza de Los Amigos, where perpetual dusk sets an intimate tone and Guests can dine in an old-world hacienda with views of a flowing river, passing boats, and lush jungle in the distance. San Angel Inn Restaurante is open daily for lunch and dinner and features a delicious menu of authentic Mexican cuisine on which Guests can absolutely splurge.

San Angel Inn Margarita

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Drink: San Angel Inn Margarita – $23.00

No meal at San Angel Inn Restaurante is complete without a delicious margarita, and there are several options available from the nearby La Cava del Tequila in addition to a house specialty. The San Angel Inn Margarita is served on the rocks and expertly blends Casa Dragones Blanco Tequila with La Favorite Orange Liqueur, agave nectar, fresh lime juice, and a black ant salt rim.

Toatadas de Pollo

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Appetizer: Tostadas de Pollo – $15.00

A wonderful appetizer option available to Guests at San Angel Inn Restaurante is the Tostadas de Pollo, which features a generous portion of crispy corn tortillas that have been topped with beans, chipotle chicken, romaine lettuce, queso fresco, and crema Mexicana. Big enough to share, though no one will want to!

Carne Asada San Angel

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EntrĂ©e: Carne Asada – $52.00

Guests looking to truly splurge on a meal at San Angel Inn Restaurante can absolutely do so with one indulgent entrée that is sure to fill them up. The Carne Asada plates New York strip topped with chipotle butter with grilled queso fresco, nopales relish, grilled spring onion, plantains, queso cotija, and crema Mexicana for the ultimate meal.

Chocolate Fieta Pyramid

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Dessert: Chocolate “Fiesta” Pyramid – $34.00

Many restaurants throughout the Walt Disney World Resort are celebrating the destination’s 50th anniversary including San Angel Inn Restaurante. To help celebrate and partake in the festivities, Guests can end their meals with the Chocolate “Fiesta” Pyramid which fills an elaborate chocolate pyramid with Mexican chocolate mousse atop a tres leches cake and scoops of ice cream.

Total: $124.00

Le Cellier Steakhouse

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Le Cellier Steakhouse

One of the most popular dining options at the Walt Disney World Resort is Le Cellier Steakhouse, which can be found in the Canada Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase. This table service restaurant is small and intimate and beautifully themed to feel like a wine cellar with low vaulted ceilings and dimmed lighting. The menu at Le Cellier Steakhouse focuses on traditional steakhouse classics infused with Canadian ingredients and flavors, and Guests can enjoy some truly decadent steaks for lunch and dinner each day.

Le Cellier Ice Wine Flight

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Drink: Inniskillin Vidal Icewine – $30.00

Icewine is a popular and indulgent specialty beverage option for Guests who are looking to splurge as the small and sweet pours tend to be rather pricey, but worth it. Guests dining at Le Cellier Steakhouse are sure to love the Inniskillin Vidal Icewine which is imported from the Niagara Peninsula in Canada and features a smooth and sweet flavor with every sip.

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Appetizer: Citrus Seafood Medley – $21.00

To kick off a splurge-worthy meal at Le Cellier Steakhouse, Guests can order the Citrus Seafood Medley Appetizer, which decadently combines Canadian Cove P.E.I. Mussels, clams, fresh citrus, maple, butter, and grilled ciabatta for a coastal delight with traditional Canadian flavors.

Le Cellier Filet Mignon

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EntrĂ©e: Le Cellier Filet Mignon – $59.00

Le Cellier Steakhouse is obviously well known for its indulgent steaks, including a house specialty that it not be missed. The Le Cellier Filet Mignon serves up a AAA Canadian Tenderloin paired with mushroom risotto, asparagus-tomato relish, and truffle-butter sauce for decadent flavor in every single bite.

Warm Pecan-Brown Butter Tart

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Dessert: Warm Pecan-Brown Butter Tart – $14.00

The perfect end to a lunch or dinner at Le Cellier Steakhouse is the Warm Pecan-Brown Butter Tart, which combines a sweet and delicious dessert with classic Canadian ingredients. The tart is moist and flavorful and paired with maple ice cream, brown sugar Anglaise, and whiskey caramel that is wonderful to the very last drop.

Total: $124.00


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Teppan Edo

The final splurge-worthy meal that Guests shouldn’t miss out on in EPCOT brings us back to the Japan Pavilion and the upper level of the Mitsukoshi Department Store. Right next to Tokyo Dining is Teppan Edo, another table service restaurant that features a menu of teppan-yaki-style cooking in a unique setting. Guests are seated at large tables that surround a central grill top and get the opportunity to interact with and watch as a chef expertly prepares their meals on stage.

Dining Room

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Drink: Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo – $39.00

Like Tokyo Dining, Teppan Edo features an amazing menu of sake selections for Guests to enjoy throughout the meals including the same 8-oz pour of Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo imported from Japan.

Assorted Tempura

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Appetizer: Assorted Tempura – $17.00

The menu at Teppan Edo features many delicious seafood options presented in a variety of ways, including a wonderful appetizer option that offers a sampling of several different bites. The Assorted Tempura features three pieces of fresh shrimp paired with onion, asparagus, and red bell peppers with the perfect crispy coating that crunches with every bite.


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EntrĂ©e: Hotate – $65.00

Teppan Edo is also home to one of the most expensive entrée options in all of EPCOT that highlights a fresh seafood delicacy with a variety of sides. The Hotate includes a generous portion of cold water ocean scallops paired with a garden salad, udon noodles, vegetables, and steamed white rice for a filling and decadent meal.

Onion Mickey

Credit: Mitsukoshi Department Store

Dessert: Yuzu Mousse Cake – $18.00

The final dish that Guests should enjoy at Teppan Edo is the same Yuzu Mousse Cake that can be found right next door at Tokyo Dining that perfectly blends an interesting medley of flavors that Guests are sure to love!

Total: $138.00

Which of these delicious meals would you splurge on in EPCOT?

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