X-Rated Content Coming to Disney+ Platform; Iger Issues PSA To “Prepare Parents”

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For the millions of families who subscribe to Disney+, the streaming platform is the perfect place to experience wholesome, family-friendly content. Many parents love the security that their children can scroll and view content without the worries of them stumbling upon something that is inappropriate or violent on accident.

However, that reputation is about to change. With the announcement of Disney’s purchase of the Hulu streaming platform, the doors have just been opened, and a flood of new, R-rated content is heading for Disney.

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Disney Is About to Get Darker

Disney+ and Hulu’s merger has paved the way for an exciting development in the streaming landscape. In an effort to expand its content offerings, The Walt Disney Company has purchased Hulu. Hulu is known for its incredible range of films and shows, including many that are originals of the platform. Many of these shows and movies are more mature, specifically Hulu hits like American Horror Story. This move will undoubtedly bring a new dimension to the streaming experience and cater to a broader audience, but there are also concerns that it will alienate the current audience of the Disney+ platform.

While many fans will be thrilled to experience all of the new content this merger will provide, others may not be thrilled to see Disney+ stray so far from its family-friendly landscape. As the visionary behind this strategic merger, Disney CEO Bob Iger aims to ensure that families are prepared for the upcoming changes. To this end, Iger has issued a public service announcement, urging parents to brace themselves for the arrival of this edgier content. He believes that the forthcoming beta launch of a unified Hulu-Disney+ app in the following month will allow families to gradually adjust to this new facet of the platform, specifically when it comes to implementing parent control settings.

Iger says, “We are basically putting it in beta so that we can prepare parents, largely, to basically implement parental controls, because you’ll be able to access Hulu programming on the same app.” 

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Is Iger’s ‘Heads-up’ Enough?

However, despite Iger’s efforts to provide a heads-up, concerns have been raised by some parents. They worry about the inadvertent exposure of such content to impressionable young children who may not be ready for it. The integration of this content directly into their existing Disney+ account might catch them off guard.

With the merger of Disney+ and Hulu, viewers can expect a diverse range of content that goes beyond the traditional family-friendly offerings. This expansion will grant subscribers access to an extensive library of R-rated movies and TV shows, providing a balanced blend of entertainment for viewers of all ages.

It is worth noting that the inclusion of this “spicy” content on the Disney+ platform is a logical progression for the company. By consolidating its resources and leveraging the extensive general entertainment content from Hulu, Disney aims to create a unified streaming experience, capturing a greater audience engagement and unlocking new opportunities for growth.

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As the beta launch approaches, excitement builds among subscribers who eagerly anticipate the transformation of their streaming experience. The merger between Disney+ and Hulu represents a significant milestone in the streaming industry, solidifying Disney’s status as a dominant player in the market.

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  1. I am Gay, and I grew up in my first 10 years in the 60s. I had both sets of the Original Disney records, I have Disney + now on my phone, I enjoy the content now, Falcon and The Winter Soldier was awesome. I recently watched the second season of Loki ( a nice recovery from Season 1 however what happened to the gem I wondered as he sat in the world tree? From the Guantlet didn’t he leave and return with it?)
    I have been to Disney Mall. As a 60+ adult it was a very enjoyable shopping experience. When I was 20 after bootcamp I went to Disney World. It was a great experience. I would like to do a Disney Cruise sometime. I would like to see more with Nick Fury and his girlfriend. The world needs more Aliens living next door. Further Wakanda and Atlan movies Yes.
    Weird Tales – Lovecraft, Howard, Smith and others would be great. John Carter of Mars 2.

  2. Did you miss the part where it’s not good to be branded Disney +, he said Disney+ is going away.

  3. You know that R rated content is not X rated, right? The terms are self descriptive. It’s not hard at all.

    • I was waiting for someone to say this. I’m here think we’ll see “something something backdoor something something”. But it’s about R-rated movies or MA content

  4. As a parent that first signed up for Disney+, I was more than sure we were told Disney was going to be family traditional valued programming. No need for a parental anything. Fast forward 2 yrs later, my fault that Disney didn’t have a parental control feature in the first place, now we’re at, you must implement it or else! Hulu was supposed to he separate and have all the R rated stuff from the get go, not integrated with the Disney stuff. They lied to us from the start.

    • No one lied to you. They’re have always been parental controls. It has always been your responsibility to monitor what you’re child is watching.

    • This isn’t new… it happened like 2 years ago. They have children’s accounts. You’re kids don’t have to be able to watch at but I love watching Futurama and American Horror Story on there. Well in Canada atleast ig

    • Ok guys they have m mature content already on Disney Plus that’s why they require a pin if you want to have access to the full catalog. They also have juniors accounts which are even restrictive or what you have available on Sandra Disney. Plus it’s honestly keep those features. You’ll be fine no matter what they choose to call the app

  5. No one cares if you love sloppy dirty poles.

  6. I dont understand why they need to combine everything into one single app. Should keep all family friendly material in D+ (including Hulu material that meets the requirement) and then can keep the Hulu app for all mature material. Looks like Disney just wants to send more customers over to Bentkey…

    • Because it will save them money. And then they will increase your subscription fees. It will be a double windfall. They don’t care about the Disney brand.

  7. Ok guys they have m mature content already on Disney Plus that’s why they require a pin if you want to have access to the full catalog. They also have juniors accounts which are even restrictive or what you have available on Sandra Disney. Plus it’s honestly keep those features. You’ll be fine no matter what they choose to call the app