Space 220 Trading Cards Are the Newest Disney Collectible!

Space 220 Trading Cards
Credit: DisneyDining

Calling all Disney trading pin collectors and popcorn bucket accumulators! While Walt Disney World Resort is bursting with fun souvenirs to remember your Disney vacation with, there are some items that reach a level where they become collectible among all Disney fans. Well, Space 220 trading cards are just that!

Space 220 sign
Credit: DisneyDining

It’s no secret that EPCOT’s new restaurant, Space 220, in the World Discovery portion of the Park, is now one of the most popular dining locations on Walt Disney World property. It’s nearly impossible to make dining reservations as they go in minutes 60-days in advance. Not only is the restaurant accepting dining reservations, but recently, the Space 220 Lounge started accepting advance dining reservations. Either way you dine, it’s an experience not to be missed.

Space 220 interior
Credit: Disney

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We’ve dined at Space 220 a couple of times now and simply can’t get enough of the out-of-this-world feel that seemingly transports Guests from Central Florida to 220 miles above Earth’s surface. The star course food, the drinks, the supernova sweet selection, and the entire experience are why we highly recommend any Disney Guests should dine here.

Space 220 moon rocks and trading cards
Space 220 Moon Rocks Zero-Proof Cocktail & Trading Cards (Credit: DisneyDining)

But, let’s talk about how Space 220 takes the Guest experience to a new level once Disney fans have their feet back on the ground. That’s right, take a memorable piece of your Space 220 dining experience to the next level with the collectible trading cards.

While you’ll find several pin traders throughout the Disney Parks, these trading cards have become the newest Disney collectible for all the right reasons.

Space 220 Trading Cards
Space 220 Trading Cards (Credit: DisneyDining)

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BUT – wait, there’s a slight trick to obtaining the Space 220 trading cards! Guests receive a pack of the cards with the purchase of any zero-proof (non-alcoholic) cocktail or children’s meal. No child in tow? Well, be sure to order one of those zero-proof cocktails to go along with your meal! These beverages include The Milky Way (Chilled Espresso, Spiced Brown Sugar Syrup, Caramel, Cream, Milky Way), Lightyear Lemonade (Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade, Butterfly Pea Tea, Mint), and Moon Rocks (Coconut, Blue Cotton Candy Syrup, Lemonade, Moon Dust, Moon Rocks).

The Milky Way at Space 220
The Milky Way (Credit: DisneyDining)

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Within each pack, you’ll find five cards pulled from three limited-release series. A complete series contains six trading cards. Each card was designed exclusively for and is distributed ONLY at Space 220 Restaurant. We especially love the original artwork and the variety of space-themed fun facts on the cards.

Space 220 Trading Cards Fun Facts
Space 220 Trading Cards Fun Facts (Credit: DisneyDining)

The three series include Earth, Venus, and Mercury and are all currently collectible for Guests. And YES! The collection will continue to grow as there are plans to release more planetary-themed collections in the future. You won’t want to wait to snag the Space 220 trading cards as with a new series release, the old series will be retired, making each card limited-edition.

Space 220 Trading Card Packs
Space 220 Trading Card Packs (Credit: DisneyDining)

As you categorize your trading cards, keep in mind that the cards in each series can be categorized as Space Trivia, Food in Space Trivia, or Space Technology. Each series also includes a rare Tech-Specs card… which provides a sneak peek at specifications of current and future space technologies. You’ll be able to tell these rare cards apart as they are stamped with blue foil ink.

As if the delicious food and Space 220’s unique atmosphere isn’t enough, these collectible cards provide that perfect dose of next-level Disney fun! Go ahead and book your Space 220 Restaurant or Space 220 Lounge reservation and get to collecting. You can also learn more by visiting Space220FLA.com. Happy trading, Disney fans!

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