Scooter Crash Leads to Fiery Magic Kingdom Fight

Scooter Fight Magic Kingdom
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Every day, tens of thousands of people visit the Walt Disney World Resort. Some head to one of the resort’s four amazing theme parks — the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom. Others head to one of two water parks, get some shopping and dining done at Disney Springs, or maybe play a few rounds of miniature golf.

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Not everyone who visits Disney World can walk a ton of miles every day. That is why Disney has both wheelchairs and electric scooters for rent, or guests can bring their own.

Unfortunately, the use of electric mobility scooters has really become a point of contention amongst guests. No training is required to rent an ECV, a guest only has to be 18 years or older. This has led to several confrontations between guests who are walking and guests who are using mobility scooters.

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TikToker E.N. (@freighttrainsc) shared a video of a man yelling at an older woman in the Magic Kingdom. The elderly guest has allegedly crashed her scooter, bumping into some guests and knocking over at least one scooter. The man became enraged and cursed at the woman and the people she was with.


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However, if you continue to listen, it seems that it was entirely an accident. The person filming the video is heard saying that it was an accident, and it appeared that the elderly woman was shaken up and was being comforted by another woman who was with her. The two guests who had their stroller knocked over spoke to a cast member who was watching the whole thing, but did not get involved.

Magic Kingdom Scooter Fight

Credit: freighttrainsc TikTok

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Commenters were very divided over whose side they were on. Many sided with the man, claiming that people who use the scooters are dangerous. The ECVs are very big and very heavy. Someone can get really hurt if they are hit by someone on a scooter. And there are a lot of guests who ride the scooters and expect everyone to clear the way for them.

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On the other hand, there were many who felt that the man completely overreacted to what happened. It is understandable to be frustrated when someone potentially damages your property, even if unintentional. But they did not think that the man needed to yell and curse at the elderly guest. They also said that the guest was clearly apologetic, so he did not need to shout and make a scene.


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This is not the first time that a guest on a scooter has been called out for destruction they allegedly caused. In April 2022, a woman filed a lawsuit against Disney for $30,000 because of a scooter injury. The woman claimed she was waiting in line for the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along at EPCOT, when a woman on a scooter crashed into her from behind.

The accident resulted in the guest suffering from a dislocated knee and a torn ligament in her ankle.

Beauty and the Beast Sing Along

Credit: Disney

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Another guest went viral for her poor behavior while riding a scooter down Main Street, U.S.A. The crowds were heavy, and everyone was moving slowly. However, it appeared that the woman in the scooter wanted things to move fast and kept her hand on the horn the entire time her scooter was moving.

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Credit: Theme Park Tourist/ Flickr

If you do find yourself in need of a mobility scooter while visiting a Disney theme park, it is important to be incredibly careful. The scooters are big and powerful and can do some serious damage. And if you are a guest who does not need one, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Do not try to run in front of a scooter. They cannot stop on a whim, and you will lose if you try to get into a fight with one.

Do you think the man in the video overreacted? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I was riding a scooter at Magic Kingdom several years ago in a large crowd of people. I saw several people approaching me and not paying attention to anyone else. I stopped the scooter because I could not move out of the way with everyone around me. I started honking the horn and calling beep-beep. One of the women walked right into my scooter. She looked at me and said “WELL!” I guess she thought everyone should clear a path for her. One companion looked at me and said,”Sorry,” and they all walked around me and continued on their way.

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