Is a Lockdown Imminent? Reports of Covid-19 Outbreak at Walt Disney World Causes Fear for Fans

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This is the last news anyone wants to hear right now.

Since its inception, Walt Disney World Resort has been synonymous with joy and wonder,  continuously enchanting visitors from around the world. Unfortunately, that reputation was put on pause when the Resort was forced to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, which presented unprecedented challenges to the global entertainment giant.

Disney Cast Members worked tirelessly to implement protective measures to help combat the spread of COVID-19, but still, outbreaks within the theme parks were destined to happen. During the peak of the pandemic, Disney was a place that, unfortunately, did facilitate the spread of the virus. The Park’s high-touch areas, indoor spaces, and large crowds played a major role in this.

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Worldwide, the pandemic eventually began to wind down and restrictions were lifted within the Disney Parks. Fans rejoiced as Disney once again returned to its pre-pandemic status, where hugs and crowds were a thing of the norm.

Could Another Lockdown Be Imminent?!

For many people, Covid feels so far away. The years of lockdowns feel like a dark spot in this country’s past, one that Americans are eager to move on from. Now, the public is once again fearing that these days could return.

One Guest’s recent Walt Disney World vacation report has stirred up major COVID-related fears for fans. They made a post to the r/WaltDisneyWorld Reddit group, saying;

“had a great trip but now my entire family has covid. Landed back in my hometown yesterday and immediately tested only to be positive. Tons of people in lines coughing and no regards for personal space. Just a heads up for those who are going soon !”

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COVID Numbers See National Rise

Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth to this fan’s statement. Nationally, Covid numbers are beginning to rise once more. This can be especially seen in large cities and in places like Walt Disney World, where it is, as one commenter puts it, “a theme park a legit cesspool for germs and people from all over.”

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Right now, the biggest thing that fans can do is remember to wash their hands, stay a safe distance from others, and stay home if they are feeling extremely sick. Your health and the health of fellow Guests should be the priority.

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