Quiet Corners of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Boulevard
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Of the four Disney Parks at the Walt Disney World Resort, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a favorite of many Guests for a number of reasons. The Disney Park is the home to exclusive themed areas like Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land, thrilling attractions like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, popular restaurants, entertainment, and more.

With so many incredible things to do in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it is no surprise that the Park can be very crowded as many Guests want to enjoy all that there is to see. Guests who find themselves looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy some quiet spots have several great options in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, all of which offer up moments of relaxation and calm on a busy day.

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BaseLine Tap House

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BaseLine Tap House Patio

The Grand Avenue area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to several popular attractions and experiences, as well as an enjoyable quick service location with a calm spot to relax. BaseLine Tap House features a small, industrial interior where Guests can order up beer, wine, and cocktails all on tap straight from California as well as various small bites.

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BaseLine Tap House

Credit: Disney

While the interior of BaseLine Tap House is charming, it’s the outdoor patio where Guests can truly spread out and relax. The large patio features covered picnic tables, overhead bulb lighting, and large fans that rotate to provide wonderful breezes on hot days. The patio is a great spot to kick back with a cold beverage and delicious small bite and enjoy the shaded breeze while people watching.

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PizzeRizzo Balcony

Nearby in the Grand Avenue area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a corner of the Disney Park that is home to several experiences focused on The Muppets, including Muppet Vision 3D. PizzeRizzo is a quick-service restaurant open daily for lunch and dinner that is themed to feel like a classic New York City pizza joint run by Rizzo the Rat.

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PizzeRizzo is popular with Guests who are looking to grab some fast pizza in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but many Guests don’t realize that the restaurant has a second floor with a great spot to relax. The second floor of PizzeRizzo features an outdoor balcony that is shaded and overlooks Grand Avenue, offering Guests the chance to get away from the busier first floor and enjoy a few moments of relaxation while dining.

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Sunset Boulevard Patio

Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is always busy thanks to popular attractions like the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, but there is also one spot where Guests can get away from the main crowds and relax for a bit. Near the end of Sunset Boulevard on the left-hand side, Guests can spot several quick-service eateries facing the street that are open throughout the day, like Rosie’s All-American Café.

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Sunset Boulevard

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These quick-service locations are typically busy, but Guests who wander behind them and away from the main portion of Sunset Boulevard can find a quieter patio area that’s great for taking a few moments to regroup. This large patio is filled with umbrella-covered picnic tables where Guests can relax away from the crowds while still soaking in the wonderful ambiance of Sunset Boulevard.

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Walt Disney Presents

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Walt Disney Presents

The Animation Courtyard area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to wonderful experiences like The Voyage of the Little Mermaid and Star Wars Launch Bay and is also often busy with lots of foot traffic passing from Hollywood Boulevard to Toy Story Land. While the crowds are typically busy in this location, there is also one spot literally steps away, where Guests can escape the hustle and bustle and also pay tribute to Walt Disney.

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Walt Disney Presents is a unique experience that many Guests pass right by, but those who take the time to truly enjoy it will form a deeper appreciation of the Disney Parks and Walt Disney’s legacy. The first half of Walt Disney Presents features a walk-through exhibit of items from Walt Disney’s childhood, as well as props and models from the Disney Parks. After the exhibit, Guests can settle into a cozy theater to enjoy Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream, a short documentary that celebrates the life and legacy of Walt Disney.

Echo Lake

Several areas of Disney’s Hollywood Studios are always crowded, but one location near the front of the Disney Park tends to be a little quieter, and Guests who take the time to relax and wander can enjoy charming theming. Echo Lake is home to experiences like the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! and dining options including the 50’s Prime Time Café, and there are several types of retro and quirky architecture surrounding the lake itself.

Credit: DisneyDining

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Guests who slow down and wander around Echo Lake can enjoy memorable structures like Gertie the Dinosaur and the Dockside Diner, as well as soothing background music and breezes across the water. There are also several benches and quiet spots to stop and sit, making Echo Lake a great option for Guests who are looking to escape crowds and simply enjoy the theming and beauty of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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Backlot Express Before Opening

Another great spot where Guests can take some time to soak in the ambiance and relax can be found in the Echo Lake area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Backlot Express is a quick service location that is open daily for lunch and dinner and is situated right next to Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.

While Backlot Express is typically very busy, Guests who stop by before opening can enjoy a quiet and shady spot to relax. The restaurant features a large indoor dining area as well as a covered outdoor patio, and Guests can enjoy tables and chairs set up on the patio before lunch service begins, making Backlot Express a quiet corner in the mornings to enjoy.

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