Enjoy A Beauty and the Beast Day at Walt Disney World

One of the most beloved Disney animated films is Beauty and the Beast which was released in 1991 and introduced Guests to beloved characters including Belle, Beast, Gaston, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and more. Guests also love singing along to classic songs from the film written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman including “Be Our Guest,” “Belle,” and “Beauty and the Beast (Tale as Old as Time).”

Since Beauty and the Beast was such a hit at the box office and became beloved in the Disney community, it is no surprise that there are plenty of opportunities at the Walt Disney World Resort where Guests can feel as though they are living out the dreams of Belle and the Beast. From special dining locations to live performances, and more, here are the Walt Disney World Resort experiences that Guests can enjoy to feel as though they have stepped into Beauty and the Beast for a day!

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Breakfast at Gaston’s Tavern

One of the most memorable scenes from Beauty and the Beast is the “Gaston” musical number that takes place in the rustic tavern that the villain and other townspeople frequent. Guests have the opportunity to enter into Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom and begin their days with delicious and hearty food that would impress even Gaston.

The interior of Gaston’s Tavern is bursting with manly accents such as dark leather, a massive portrait of Gaston, wooden barrels, stonework, and endless antlers (he does use them in all of his decorating, after all). The menu at Gaston’s Tavern is relatively limited, but Guests can order up several delicious options from the quick service restaurant to kick off their day.

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The most popular menu item at Gaston’s Tavern is the Warm Cinnamon Roll which is absolutely huge and can definitely be shared between two Guests- bonus points for asking for extra frosting to go on top! The Warm Cinnamon Roll pairs perfectly with Guest favorite LeFou’s Brew which is a frozen apple juice with hints of toasted marshmallow and a passion fruit-mango foam on top.

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Enchanted Tales with Belle

After enjoying breakfast at Gaston’s Tavern, Guests can head next door to enjoy an interactive experience which brings part of the story of Beauty and the Beast to life. Enchanted Tales with Belle begins with Guests entering into the home of Belle and Maurice which is bursting with wonderful details before heading into Maurice’s workshop.

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There Guests find a large magic mirror that the Beast gifted to Maurice so that he would be able to talk to Belle at the castle whenever he wanted. After sparking a little magic, the mirror begins to change form and shape and turns into a large door that Guests can walk through to find themselves inside of the Beast’s Castle!

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There they find themselves face to face with the Wardrobe who assigns special roles to each Guest so that they can surprise Belle and retell the story of the day that she fell in love with the Beast. The final portion of Enchanted Tales with Belle brings Guests into a small room where Belle herself appears and all of the various characters help to retell the story before enjoying a special parade.

Enchanted Tales with Belle allows Guests to literally be a part of the story of Beauty and the Beast and it’s great fun for younger Guests to be assigned parts and props to help the experience come to life.

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Explore Fantasyland

In addition to Gaston’s Tavern and Enchanted Tales with Belle, Fantasyland is home to an entire area that brings the village that Belle grew up in to life. Guests can wander through the charming little town and spot some great details like a large fountain depicting Gaston and LaFou, bathroom area, and Maurice’s Amazing Popping Machine which is a small cart that serves fresh popcorn.

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Guests can also browse Bonjour! Village Gifts, a small store that sells plenty of unique merchandise related to Beauty and the Beast. Guests who are looking for the perfect souvenir from their Beauty and the Beast day can choose from items including housewares, accessories, artwork, toys, and more.

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Lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant

The final Beauty and the Beast location to enjoy in the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland is Be Our Guest Restaurant, a table service location that invites Guests to dine inside the Beast’s Castle on authentic French cuisine for lunch and dinner. After crossing a gargoyle-lined stone bridge, Guests emerge inside of the Beast’s Castle and are seated in either the Grand Ballroom, West Wing, or Castle Portrait Gallery.

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Each room exudes charm and opulent details that are straight from Beauty and the Beast and Guests can enjoy the ambiance while dining on wonderful menu items including Maine Lobster Bisque, Captain Nemo Octopus, Center-cut Filet Mignon, Herb-salted Pork Tenderloin, and Pan-seared Sea Scallops. Every delicious meal at Be Our Guest Restaurant concludes with a trio of desserts including the Grey Stuff (which is delicious) and even the chance to bump into the Beast himself.

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Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage

After an amazing morning and lunch in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, Guests can continue their Beauty and the Beast day by park hopping over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Once in their second Disney Park of the day, Guests can head down Sunset Boulevard to the Theater of the Stars for an unforgettable live performance.

Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage is a fantastic live show that is performed several times each day in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the production retells the animated film with beautiful sets, music numbers, and special effects. Guests will be sure to find themselves singing along to “Be Our Guest” and cheering as the Beast magically transforms back into Prince Adam and enjoys his iconic dance with Belle.

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France Pavilion EPCOT

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Explore the France Pavilion

After a quick ride on Disney’s Skyliner, Guests can find themselves entering EPCOT through World Gateway and emerging in the France Pavilion to continue their perfect Beauty and the Beast Day. This beautiful spot in EPCOT’s World Showcase brings the romance and charm of Paris to life and Guests who wander through the streets will certainly feel like Belle gazing off at the Eiffel Tower rising in the distance.

The cobblestone streets of the France Pavilion are lined with fountains, trees, and blooming flowers that add to the ambiance. Guests will love taking their time and exploring little shops including Plume e Palette, L’Esprit de la Provence, and La Signature where they can find an array of items made in France such as perfume, soap, housewares, jewelry, and more.

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Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along

Nestled in the heart of the France Pavilion in EPCOT is the Palais du Cinema, a beautiful theater that alternates between presenting Impressions de France and the Beauty and the Beast Sing Along. The experience begins with a charming lobby that displays items, costumes, and artwork inspired by French literature such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.

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Once seated inside of the main theater, Guests can sit back and enjoy the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along which is narrated by Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Potts. The film retells the story from the animated film, highlighting many of the musical numbers such as “Be Our Guest” and “Gaston” and encourages Guests to sing along to feel like they are part of the action!

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Dinner at Chefs de France

Dinner in EPCOT’s France Pavilion at Chefs de France continues the perfect Beauty and the Beast day with a charming interior that is designed to feel like a French bistro with large windows that look out into the pavilion. Guests can enjoy lunch or dinner at Chefs de France and the menu highlights contemporary French cuisine seamlessly combined with classic flavors and ingredients.

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Guests who dine at Chefs de France for dinner can order menu items including French Onion Soup, Ratatouille, Grilled Tenderloin of Beef, White Wine and Lemon Marinated Salmon, and Beef Bourguignon. Guests can also enjoy an array of decadent desserts and indulgent French wines while soaking in the fantastic views of the pavilion and World Showcase Lagoon just outside.

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Dessert from L’Artisan des Glaces

The perfect end to a Beauty and the Beast day at the Walt Disney World Resort can be found at L’Artisan des Glaces in the heart of EPCOT’s France Pavilion. The quick service spot has a charming small town feel with large stone walls, paned windows, and cozy colors and Guests will feel right at home choosing from a variety of sweet ice cream treats.

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L’Artisan des Glaces serves up sixteen different flavors of ice cream that can be enjoyed in classic cups or cones as well as indulgent ways including sandwiched between macarons, in an Ice Cream Martini, or as a Croque Glace which is served inside of a warm brioche and topped with sauce. No matter what treat a Guest chooses to enjoy at L’Artisan des Glaces, it is sure to be the ultimate end to a perfect Beauty and the Beast day!

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