Queen Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen” just might live in New England, and here’s the proof

ice castle and elsa's frozen ice castle
Credit: Disney/Ice Castles

An ice castle attraction in New Hampshire is giving us major Frozen vibes.

The icy attraction is an annual event in New England that features an exciting winter wonderland across an area larger than an acre. The New Hampshire Ice Castle will open later in January to visitors.

New Hampshire โ€” Ice Castles

Credit: Ice Castles

According to its official website, the attraction is hosted in 5 states across North America: Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Utah, and Wisconsin, and the ice castles look like they could easily double as Queen Elsa’s abode away from the fjords and glaciers of Norway.

NH Ice Castles to Open in January in North Woodstock โ€“ NBC Boston

Credit: Ice Castles

In Disney’s Frozen, Queen Elsa wields her icy powers and builds a massive shimmery ice castle on the North Mountain. It’s breathtaking, and the ice castle in New Hampshire reminds us very much of Elsa’s home away from the castle.

disney frozen ice castle

Credit: Disney

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But ice castles aren’t the only things you’ll find at the Ice Castles attractions. You can also go snow tubing, crawl through tunnels of ice, take a nighttime walk along a quarter-mile trail through a forest that glows, and take a sleigh ride like Anna and Kristoff across the winter landscape.

anna kristoff sled

Credit: Disney

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The New Hampshire Ice Castle is located in North Woodstock, New Hampshire, at 24 Clark Farm Road. It will feature gorgeous frozen turrets, icy archways, ice thrones, ice slides, and even fountains that glow with multi-colored LED lights that are embedded in the frozen ice.

New Frozen Short Coming Exclusively to Disney Plus

Credit: Disney

Because the attraction is outside and open-air, COVID-19 vaccinations are not required for admission, but there are COVID-19 procedures and protocols in place. They include the following:

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  • Visitors who are feeling sick should not visit the ice castle. Instead, they are encouraged to plan a visit when everyone in their party is feeling well.
  • A distance of six feet must be maintained between visiting parties.
  • Guests are encouraged to wear masks or face coverings in common areas.
  • There are limited capacities of visitors allowed inside areas of the ice castle.
  • Frequent sanitization is conducted on high-touch surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available for visitor use at the attraction. They can be found near the entrance, at the exit, near the restrooms, and at concession areas.
frozen north mountain ice castle

Credit: Disney

Tickets for adults ages 12 and better are $20 Monday through Thursday and $27 on Friday and Saturday. Tickets for children ages 4 through 11 are $15 Monday through Thursday and $22 on Friday and Saturday. Get yours online, as only a number of tickets will be sold at the castle location if there are any available at that time.

Don’t miss it if you’ll be in the area! The event goes through March–and if you see Queen Elsa, tell her we said hello and we’d love to interview her about the castle she built!

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