First trailer drops for new Disney+ ‘Frozen’ series: ‘Olaf Presents!’

Olaf Presents
Credit: Disney

Disney’sĀ FrozenĀ is arguably the most popular and most successful animated film of the 21st century, and we think we know why.

If you compareĀ FrozenĀ to its other Disney animated film counterparts, there’s not a massive difference. In fact, the similarities are quite obvious. Each one, for the most part, is one part fairy tale, one part Disney-esque retelling, and one part life lesson. The story of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa doesn’t stray too far from the original recipe.

It does, however, add in a special ingredient that makes the film even more irresistible–and his name is Olaf. Has there ever been a more loving and lovable character? We think not, and apparently, Disney has quite the affinity for the lovable snowman as well because he’s landed his very own Disney+ series, called Olaf Presents.

The series was talked about when Bob Chapek declared November 12 “Disney+ Day” last month. (It is, after all, the anniversary of the platform going live in 2019.)

The new series promises to give us more of the adorable snowman we love as he retells some of Disney’s most beloved stories–and with a flair all his own! Take a look.

We think we like Olaf’s impersonation of Ariel from Disney’sĀ The Little MermaidĀ the best, so far.

This won’t be Olaf’s first time to retell the story from a Disney feature film. After all, he did a pretty good job of retelling the story ofĀ FrozenĀ inĀ Frozen 2.

From the clips in the first trailer forĀ Olaf Presents, we can see that he’s been practicing his take onĀ Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Lion KingĀ andĀ Moana, and we can’t wait to see which other Disney tales get an Olaf makeover!

You can streamĀ Olaf PresentsĀ beginning Friday, November 12 on Disney+.

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